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Rumpsteak review

Last night, we watched Rumpsteak at the Intimate theatre, and it rocked. It was bucketing with rain in Cape Town city centre last night, but it was worth venturing out. The evening started with drinks at the quaint little bar... Continue reading

We believe in letters

At Yuppiechef, we embrace the new. But, there are some things that just shouldn’t be done away with. Like men opening doors for ladies, Wimpy breakfasts, toffee apples and handwritten letters and cards. Every time someone buys one of our... Continue reading

Rumpsteak: watch it and eat it

We’ve been invited to the press night of ‘Rumpsteak’, showing this month at the Intimate Theatre. We’re stoked, and we’ve got eight double tickets to give away. If you’re a foodie and you like the theatre, this one’s for you.... Continue reading

Pink pigs on the loose

These cheeky pigs were spotted on a pair of winter-savvy feet this morning at Yuppiechef HQ. Dale’s feet, to be specific. You might remember Dale from her run-in with a dead fish last week. Here at Yuppiechef, we’re gearing up... Continue reading

Spot the health

Look at this: it’s a snap of the personal food hoard of one of our Yuppiechef people. Marvellous. We are blown away by the healthiness that is represented here in our office. Jamie would be glad. We’re glad. How many... Continue reading

Mother’s or Mothers’ day?

Something most people don’t know about Mother’s Day, is that up until 1912 it was spelt Mothers’ Day (look closely at the apostrophe, folks). Then a rather fiesty lady called Anna Jarvis trademarked the phrase and specified that it had... Continue reading

A big dead fish

Today, a big fish in a box arrived at Yuppiechef HQ. That’s not something that happens every day. Okay it’s never happened. At Yuppiechef, Dale is in charge of making sure the right things go into the right boxes and... Continue reading

Spatula love

People say young children have some kind of sixth sense – like anticipating danger or picking out untrustworthy people. We’re haven’t got hard evidence to prove this, but we’d like to add ‘identifying great spatulas’ to two and half year... Continue reading

Bakery to Bookery

You might have heard of Charly’s Bakery in Cape Town? Many people have feasted on their delicious pastries, petit-fours and the famous ‘Charly’s cupcakes’. They offer while-you-wait custom-icing in neon rainbow colours. It’s fun. Last year Charly’s Bakery relocated from... Continue reading