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7 wedding gift ideas for spring

The calendar has officially announced it, spring is on the up and up. Keeping in step with all things natural, fragrant and reminiscent of birdsong, we’ve put together some au natural wedding gift inspiration for September. Whether for a soon to... Continue reading

7 great wedding gift ideas

While brides everywhere are planning and pinning in preparation for their big day, we’ve stocked our shelves full of tip top homeware and kitchen tools. So, if you’re on the hunt for a present that any newly-weds would love to... Continue reading

Ideas for Valentine’s day

St Valentine will be strolling into town again soon, trailing a cascade of red rose petals and singing songs of the heart. If you’re looking for some original Valentine’s day ideas from gifts to sweet treats, cast your dreamy eyes on this... Continue reading

Top 10 wedding gifts

Do you hear those bells ringing? Wedding season is indeed on our warm and breezy doorsteps. Here are the top ten gifts given to happy couples last year. 1. Le Creuset Mini Stoneware Cocottes 10cm Individual portions of fish pie, soufflé or... Continue reading

Brownie mix in a jar

Still struggling for the perfect gift for that special someone who seems to have everything? Well, they probably don’t have a brownie mix in a jar, just waiting patiently to come to the sweet, chocolaty rescue. Here’s what needs to... Continue reading

Christmas gift ideas

It’s never easy deciding what to get someone for Christmas but, perhaps with a little luck, we can help. This nifty list includes our gift suggestions for your people and their passions. Whether they’re a dedicated coffee connoisseur or they just love... Continue reading