26 of our best summer recipes

Across the globe, the many ways we enjoy the season of summer varies. Some will spend hours immersed in salty seas, others sweat it out on mountain slopes or steamy cities. But tasting summer? Conjuring light flavours to share with friends while the days stretch out like melted cheese? That’s one thing we often have in common. These are 26 of our very best summer recipes, perfect for big gatherings. We hope they pause summer for you just like they have done for us.


Salads fit for summer

Why cook things if you don’t need to? Sometimes all you need is to slice a heap of fresh roma or cherry tomatoes, with the glint of a sharp knife as your cooking companion, to appreciate food in its simplicity. Salads are your token to quick, abundantly flavoured meals.

Main meals for sharing over long conversations

Foods that carry conversation should preferably be easy to make, or suited to making in groups, and then  not too fussy to eat. Rows of silverware at formal sit-down dinners tend to break the relaxed, social atmosphere so large servings that can be passed around with reckless abandon are the ones, we’ve found, that connect you to the heart of what eating together is all about.

Sweet endings for summer

We wish life was a giant hourglass, where the banalities were tiny grains of sand  trickling through really quickly and the good times were great big gloops of sand lumped together, so that when it came to their time to trickle through, they would rather get stuck, pausing the passing of the hours. But all the grains are the same size. Desserts however, they seem to be a pretty good and sticky substitute for making those get togethers feel like little eternities

There you have it. Our best summer recipes for sharing the long hours of our the warmer season. Will you make them this weekend?