Be smarter for wine club with this trivia on Hilton wines

People have this wonderful habit of forming clubs around common interests, so not only do you have a place to learn more about said hobby but you also have a handful of willing listeners to trial some of your newly learnt wine trivia on. We happen to have a little wine club of our own here at Yuppiechef and last month Richard Hilton of Hilton Wines was so kind as to share his passion and insight on the wines in his stable.


1. Hilton Vineyards don’t grow their own vineyards but rather source the best grapes from two supplier farms in Elgin and Helderberg, where the conditions are perfect for growing the varietals Richard needs to produce his preferred wines.

2. These grapes are then fermented and processed into wines in a private cellar in Stellenbosch, Welgewallen.


3. In the same way that where a person grows up indicates part of their whole so too does the region of the grape teach you about the properties of the wine. Hilton wines made a mindful choice to focus on Syrah wines due to, what Richard refers to as ‘cape atlantic’ climate being so similar to the Mediterranean climate.


4. The second edition to the Hilton wine stable is their Viognier, a white grape varietal, which serves as a natural progression for a winemaker who so closely aligns his wine styles to the wines of the Rhone valley.

5. By the mid 1960’s the Viognier grape varietal was considered almost extinct with only 15 hectares left in Northern Rhone in France and remained an illusive wine type until the 1980’s when demand increased and it began to appear in South Africa, Australasia as well as North an South America.

6. Many a wine fanatic will know that the finest Viognier originates in the little commune Condrieu in France but what you might not yet know is that this grape actually originates from Croatia.


7. A Viognier grape, while extremely fickle to grow and harvest due to the thick skins and unpredictable yield, can be an incredibly rewarding and attractive wine. A fine example typically reveals aromas of apricot and peach, a bouquet of jasmine and orange blossoms as well as a smooth, buttery finish on the palate. If that doesn’t sound like spring in glass, we don’t know what does.


To get your hands on some extraordinary examples of Viognier and Syrah wines try the Hilton Vineyards Rose Quartz Viognier and the Blazing Hill Syrah. We’re currently running a special on both these fines wines, buy 5 bottles and get the 6th bottle free. (while stocks last)

We hope these beautiful wines are enjoyed in good company over much animated discussion on the beauties of Rhone Valley varietals.