Sweet treat inspiration for mum

Nothing says “I love you, Mum” quite like the labour of love of home-baked sweet treats. To help you along this Mother’s Day, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite recipes for you to delight your mum with. Nougat or carrot cake, anyone? Head this way for some baking inspiration.

baking inspiration for mother's day

Carrot cake

In celebration of having a marvellous mum, why not bake her this delicious carrot cake, one of our rather popular Mother’s Day tribute recipes. It is sweet, flavourful and a perfect tribute to Mum. You may even show her you’ve learnt a thing or two over the years.

baking inspiration

Shortbread fingers

Shortbread has that magical melt in your mouth goodness. Great dipped into tea or coffee, it’s the perfect accompaniment to Mum’s afternoon cuppa. Added bonus? It’s super easy to make.

Shortbread for mum

Honey and nut nougat

Try your hand at making this honey and nut nougat this Mother’s Day. All you need is an edible-ink marker and you can charm her socks off with a rather sweet message. A lovely gift, indeed.



Best way to start Mother’s Day off right? Breakfast in bed. You can’t go wrong by serving mum a tall stack of pancakes in the morning. You can go the classic route, or how about adding some flair?  Peaches and cream or chocolate pancakes with raspberries, folks?

recipe for pancakes

Chocolate cake

When it comes to sweet treats for Mum, a good ol’ chocolate cake can never lead you astray. We stumbled upon this gem of a recipe during our hunt for memorable recipes from Mum’s kitchen. It’s definitely one for the books.

recipe for chocolate cake

We hope these recipes go a long way in helping you to make your mum feel special this coming Mother’s Day. We bet she is pretty awesome and totally worth getting flour on your face for.