Bakery to Bookery

You might have heard of Charly’s Bakery in Cape Town? Many people have feasted on their delicious pastries, petit-fours and the famous ‘Charly’s cupcakes’. They offer while-you-wait custom-icing in neon rainbow colours. It’s fun.

Last year Charly’s Bakery relocated from their original premises at 20 Roeland Street to a beautifully restored 1900’s building in Canterbury Street (also in Cape Town City Centre). Here’s the thing, we reckon we’ve stumbled upon a mystical connection between bookstores and cupcakes – because Charly’s new location was originally a Jewish-owned bookstore, and who took over when they moved out of Roeland street? A bookstore. Bookstore to bakery, bakery to The Bookery.

The Bookery is part of local organisation Equal Education‘s efforts to secure a bright literary future for South Africa’s young people. It’s definitely not your average bookstore – there are actually no books for sale. It’s an extraordinary hub where top-quality books donated by members of the public are gathered, compiled into comprehensive collections and distributed to library-less public schools around our Nation.

We think it’s something worth getting behind.