Buchu: it’s good for you.

Bu-what? Boegoe (said like a baboon grunt). Or Bucco, Bugu or Bookoo, depending on which of the many spellings for this small South African shrub takes your fancy. The proper plant name is Agathosma betulina, but that’s kind of hectic,... Continue reading

Bread, glorious bread

The world can be a confusing place. So much to learn, so little time… The world of foodies is no exception. Ever felt the heat of not being able to tell your friends which herbs you used in your curry,... Continue reading

Responsible, beautiful chopping boards

We love Epicurean’s Kitchen Series. These lightweight, dishwasher-safe cutting surfaces are perfect for any kitchen. Heat resistant, knife-friendly and made from a non-porous substance that prohibits bacteria, these surfaces live up to Epicurean’s values of superior craftsmanship and minimum maintenance.We... Continue reading