An honest review of the Elevate range

At Yuppiechef, there are things we hold dear. And then there are things we hold very dear, like our reputation of offering only the best kitchen tools.

Quality is a big thing. Obviously we believe our tools are great, but it sure helps to get an objective opinion. So we’ve asked Cape Town food blogger ‘Jamie Who‘ to give us an honest review on the Joseph Joseph Elevate utensils.

His blog is about all things food and he’s growing a solid reputation in the foodisphere (is this a new word? If it is remember you read it here). He calls a spade a spade – a vital characteristic in an objective opinion giver. Here’s what he had to say about the Elevate utensils:

Look, you might not think a spatula can be sexy. But it can. And when I opened the box of Joseph Joseph tools from Yuppiechef, I didn’t know whether I should cook something with them or lick them. I won’t tell you which one I did first…

The big design feature in this range is the elevated head of each tool. Basically, what this ensures is that when you lay one of them down the head is lifted up off your work surface. A raised head guys. Like a cobra. Raised head = no mess. It’s pretty awesome. At first I thought this was a bit “gimmicky” but you would be amazed at how useful it actually is. When I first started using the range I was constantly balancing them on my pots as I normally do. It took a while for me to realize I could just put them down wherever I wanted. In a nerdy way it was kind of liberating. I thought about putting them down all over the house just for fun.

The range consists of six instruments: A slotted spatula, a thin spatula, a spaghetti server, a solid spoon, a slotted spoon and a ladle.

The thin spatula was probably my favourite, the shape lending itself perfectly to shallow-frying delicate fish. The ladle came in handy as I made the transition into winter cooking, and was large enough for stocks, soups and stews. A little tip here: use it when poaching eggs. Break the egg into the ladle and gently lower it into your water. The shape of the egg will hold beautifully. The solid spoon was also a hit for me and I used it for stir-fries and roasting vegetables. I used the slotted spatula virtually every day and the spaghetti server came in handy when roasting large cuts of meat. (No, not really. I’m kidding. It came in handy when I was serving spaghetti.)

As well as the elevated head, the tools all have comfortable, funky grips and aren’t too bulky. They are dishwasher-proof and can be bought individually or as a set. Each tool costs R140.

On the scorecard, they get 8/10 for aesthetics, 8/10 for functionality and 7/10 for value-for-money“.

A big thanks to Jamie Who, and if these beauties have caught your attention click here to buy one (a hard sell once in a while never hurt anyone).