An Easter menu you can’t wait to share

Hosting a gathering of people can be quite an adventure and take a fair amount of energy and planning. What would make the stacks of dishes, the dogs going crazy underfoot and little kids yanking on your ornaments worthwhile? A good, simple Easter menu. And we have the perfect one. It’s a spread of zesty salmon tartlets, succulent roast lamb and a wonderful hot cross bun cake and it’s one you’ll want to share with everyone.


Starter: Quick and fancy phyllo pastry salmon tarts

Being the host involves a fine balancing act of flitting in and out of the kitchen while hanging coats and prying friendly little toddlers from your ankles. This starter will only take 20 minutes to rustle up and it’s just one of those classic combos – creamy ribbons of salmon and crème fraîche on a bed of crunchy, herb buttered phyllo pastry – that everyone will be only too happy to tuck into.


Mains: Succulent roast lamb anyone can make

Your guests’ grumbling bellies are momentarily satisfied, their appetites piqued. Now, out you stroll with a platter of succulent roast lamb, slow cooked aromas of rosemary and garlic seizing all semblance of conversation. “Oh wow, did you make this?” someone asks to the background of a quick clutter and scurry to clear the table to make room for the delicious lamb about to be consumed. And there’s plenty of white wine gravy to go around. Yum.


Dessert: Spiced hot cross bun cake

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a spread of chocolate eggs (or speckled, if you prefer). But when a cake like this, covered in toasted coconut, spices and baked almond aromas arrives with coffee – just when everyone thought your Easter spread couldn’t be any better – that’s when nostalgic stories are born, the ones that start with “Remember that Easter when you made that insane hot cross bun cake…?”


We hope this menu inspires you to cook for your family and friends this Easter. Sharing delicious food with those that mean the world is one of the best ways to celebrate, well, pretty much anything, really. Happy eating together this Easter.