Allow your senses to be overwhelmed this spring with September’s free wallpaper

So it’s official, spring is here and we can definitely feel it in the air. The sun is rising earlier and setting later, and slowly but surely, big, heavy coats are being shifted to the back of the cupboard. This new season brings the chance for us to get out of the sluggish, winter phase and integrate into a healthier, more active routine, where days are longer and opportunities are endless. Spring is a time for patience. Patience on your body, patience on your energy levels and patience on your state of mind, as we begin to move out of hibernation mode and start to feel full of life again.

Spring also brings change to the kitchen and to our eating habits. Great ingredients are in abundance and we are able to see a rainbow of colours and variety in fresh produce. Take some time this month to enjoy the special food selections we have access to, by exploring the taste of new fruits or by gracing your kitchen with fragrant pot plants of fresh herbs. Allow your senses to be overwhelmed this season, by the joys of spring.

Download the free wallpaper for September

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