Aeropress Coffee Maker: the gift of slowing down

We’ve all become pretty used to living in the fast lane and cramming our days full of as much activity as life demands. So, if you know anyone who could do with some quiet time before their day begins, here’s why the Aeropress is really a gift of slowing down.


In many cultures making tea is a practice, a meditation. There’s no reason your coffee has to be a one shot wonder. Making coffee in the Aeropress not only offers you a beautifully smooth extraction of caffeine to start your day but also requires you to get up a little earlier to make your morning cup. So, when you gift this, you gift sacred me-time, space to think and reflect before the busyness begins and you gift a portal into a community of passionate coffee lovers. It’s the ideal lifestyle accessory for anyone who wants to add more authenticity to their day to day.

Gift the Aeropress Coffee Maker.