A traditional Christmas menu with downloadable shopping list

Traditional may be a thing of perception but when it comes to Christmas there are some menu items more well versed with this holiday than others. If you’d like to gather up as much tried and tested tradition as this holiday can muster, we have a full menu for you complete with starters, mains, sides and dessert that are as Christmas classic as they come.


Starters: Prawn and avo ritz platter

As a starter this recipe requires fairly little prep leaving you more time to mingle while your guests tuck into the prawn and avo ritz starter platter. Perfect for a traditional, summer Christmas.


Mains: Bacon covered turkey with apricot and walnut stuffing

Most people arrive at a Christmas where the urge compels you to take on the turkey challenge, if only to relate to love struck characters in holiday movies and master the art of stuffing. This turkey recipe can even be made on the braai if you wish.

turkey on the weber recipe

Sides: The best roast potatoes & seasonal greens

No roast is complete without roast potatoes. And when your Christmas feast can have the kind of potatoes that are fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, your spread will be the one your family ask for year on year.

recipe for roast potatoes

Don’t forget the splash of seasonal greens. You could of course go with just peas but this just takes it up a notch.


Dessert: Ultimate Christmas panettone trifle

A boozy dessert is just what the Christmas finale calls for and if you want to hit the home run on tradition, bring out a layered panettone trifle with cherries.

panettone feature

If this sounds like the ideal menu for your festive feast get your traditional Christmas menu downloadable shopping list of everything you need for all these recipes in one place.

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