A pink Cruxland gin fizz cocktail

If you thought gin’s height of success as a spirit lay in its claiming the better half of a 3 letter acronym, think again. Now that gin is stepping up in the artisanal ranks – the new hooch everyone wants to get in on – even pink drinks are privy to makeover. Give this perfect for spring gin fizz a go, made with Cruxland Gin and Fabri cherries.



50ml pink Cruxland Gin (infuse Cruxland Gin for 24 hours with Fabbri cherries, or any dark variety cherries )
1 bar spoon granulated white sugar
25ml fresh lemon juice
200ml Swaan Cape Tonic


1. In a shaker filled with hard ice build the pink gin, sugar and lemon juice and shake well.
2. In a highball filled with hard ice pour in the 200ml of tonic, then top with the shaker ingredients.
3. To garnish simply add a twist of lemon.

Speaking of cherries – who can tie a knot in a cherry stalk using only your tongue? Make this cocktail and you might have two great party tricks to show for it.