A Banting Christmas menu with downloadable shopping list

If you’ve just recently started Banting or have guests sharing the festive feast with you that are Banters, the thought of a Christmas menu might be overwhelming you with all the things technically not allowed. While it’s not as much about what you eat as the people you share it with, we’ve put together a complete Banting Christmas menu with downloadable shopping list, so you’re sorted from starters to dessert.


Starters: Homemade carpaccio

A starter should be quick and easy, not filling but wonderfully tasty. This homemade carpaccio will set you and your guests right for the main event.

carpaccio recipe

Mains: Scarborough Fair Roast Chicken

You might think a Banting main involves copious layers of duck fat and bacon and complicated high fat gravies but really it can be as simple and wonderful as a flavourful roast chicken, seasoned with a bouquet of herbs, sans the breadcrumb laden stuffing.


Sides: Roasted broccoli and cauliflower with lemon zest and parmesan

Don’t underestimate the classic roasted veg smothered in cheese. For a summery twist, this one is kept lighter with lemon zest and parmesan.


Pea, baby spinach and chorizo salad

To keep things light and green, this delicious salad from Sarah Graham will add another meaty layer to your spread.

Sarah Graham's baby spinach, pea and chorizo salad from Smitten

Dessert: Banting Chocolate mousse with coconut shavings and raspberries

The highlight of most menus is the glorious dessert that arrives at the end of it all. This gorgeous chocolate mousse has none of the stuff Banters are cautioned against and all the chocolatey goodness. Enjoy copious bowlfuls.

A delicious Banting chocolate mousse for your Christmas table

If this sounds like the perfect menu for your festive feast get your Banting Christmas menu downloadable shopping list so you have everything you need for all these recipes in one place.

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