8 epic New Year’s Eve recipes to end the year with a bang

Can there ever be enough self-reflection, celebration and sharing of good food? We don’t think so. You might be feeling a little overwhelmed after the long haul towards the Christmas festivities, but we’ve got a little something for you. It’s a nudge of inspiration. Embrace the last few days of this year as an opportunity to pour your food loving heart into one last celebration of togetherness for the year. These are our best recipes to see out the year. Let’s razzle up one final ‘good time’.

8 New Year's recipes to end the year with a bang

Snack on these easy eats

You’ve just done the big meal of paced eating and social relaxing. Let New Year’s be the night to let your hair down and boogie like it’s 1969. Nobody will want to be eating big, heavy dishes, so don’t worry about all that effort. Simple platter food is where it’s at.

Toast worthy drinks

We all love our beer and wine, but at New Year’s you can bust out the good stuff and indulge in some bubbles and pink drinks. These are wearing our party hats this year and totally worthy of this year’s final moments. Go go go.

Oh and don’t worry about missioning off to the bottle store to stock up on champers. Have it delivered. Free. To your door. Now that’s how we roll into the new year.

We hope these recipes see you well into the countdown and offer the much needed sustenance for one last takkie squeak of 2014.