7 tips for perfect cake pops

Here at Yuppiechef HQ we can get a little bit silly for cake pops. It’s hard not to like cake on a stick, right? But we also know that they can be tricky to whip up so we asked Luisa Farelo to send us her top tips for perfecting the art of cake pops using the Sweetly Does It Cake Pop Mould.

1. Grease your cake pop mould well

Use some melted butter to grease your cake pop mould, and then lightly dust with flour. This will prevent the cake pops sticking to the mould and ensure a perfectly round cake pop.

2. Be careful not to overfill the mould with batter

Remember to only fill your moulds ¾ full with batter. This will ensure an even rise and a perfectly round cake pop. If you overfill the cake pop mould the batter will leak out and you may need to trim the edges to create a perfect round ball.

3. Leave cake pops to cool in the mould

It’s essential to leave the cake pops to cool completely before removing from the pan. This will ensure that the cake pops come out easily without breaking.

4. Dip the end of your cake pop sticks into Candy Melts or chocolate coating

A little Candy Melts or chocolate on the end of a cake pop stick before inserting it into the cake pop acts as glue and will prevent your cake pops from falling off the stick.

5. When dipping your cake pops, make sure you have plenty of Candy Melts or chocolate

Dip the cake pops about half way into your Candy Melts and use a spoon to coat the rest of the cake pop. By swirling the cake pops in the chocolate or Candy Melts you run the risk of the cake pop falling off the stick.

Candy melts

6. Use a piece of polystyrene to hold the cake pops after dipping

Allow the cake pops to dry neatly by standing them upright with the sticks in a piece of polystyrene.

7.  Sprinkle with decorations while the cake pops are still drying

Remember to sprinkle your cake pops with edible decorations while the Candy Melts or chocolate coating is still wet otherwise they will not stick properly and run the risk of falling off.

With any luck these tips will have you churning out cake pops like a champ. But don’t despair if you’re still struggling. These guys take time, practice and patience to master. The cake pop pan might seem like a quick fix to the original way of making cake pops but it too is a technique that needs mastering. Once you have the process waxed you’ll be glad you can whip out a tray of pops in a jiffy.

Head this way for a recipe to use in the Sweetly Does It Cake Pop Mould.

Thanks to Luisa Farelo for her cake pop making tips and to BakeLoveNotWar for her pics.