5 things to get you excited about gardening

Wherever you look, good things abound when it comes to being excited about the changing of the seasons. From enjoying fresh blooms to embracing your green thumb, here’s our pick of spring time tools to inspire the nature lover in you.


1. Cuisipro Herb Keeper

When those herb bushes start to flourish under all that vitamin D, this nifty Cuisipro Herb Keeper keeps them crisp and fresh, ready in your fridge door. Here are some more tips for preserving your herbs.

2. Consol Solar Lantern

With longer days on the horizon, there’s always the desire to enjoy one’s outdoor handywork. Store some sunlight in a jar with these Consol Solar Lanterns and enjoy the gentle glow on your night time soirées.

3. Flower Power Stem Cutter

Did you know you can increase the lifespan your your table top bouquets by increasing their water absorption area? The Flower Power Stem Cutter, a real gem of a tool, slices the stems of your bunches cleanly for happy, longer living blooms.

4. Sagaform Bird Feeder

If you’re planting a flower garden, the birds will come, folks. Add to their buffet with this elegant Sagaform Bird Feeder and enjoy the constant company of our feathered friends.

5. Chef’n Potato Scrub Brush

The only thing standing in the way of a plate of buttery mash, when plucking homegrown spuds, is a good scrub between veggie patch and pot. Meet the Chef’n Potato Scrub Brush, a handy chap indeed.

We hope this fresh tool selection inspires you to don your gardening gloves and enjoy the fauna and flora of spring. They also make for lovely housewarming gifts for outdoor-happy home owners.