5 nifty tools for making pizza at home

One of the best things about pizzas is their ability to act like the glue for spontaneous social callings. Say the word ‘pizza’ and people will come. We like that. So, we’re casting a light on some nifty tools for making pizza at home, leaving you to entertain with reckless abandon.


1. Kitchen Craft Rolling Pin – means no more lines

Once you become old hat at inviting the rowdy bunch over for pizza night and churning out those bases, you will really appreciate a tool like this Kitchen Craft Rolling Pin, that, thanks to its genius, tapered design, doesn’t make criss-cross patterns all over your dough. Yeeha.

2. Kitchen Craft 5 Blade Herb Scissors – equals instant fresh bits

Adding freshly picked herbs from your garden is one of the best reasons to whip up spontaneous pizzas. With a Kitchen Craft 5 Blade Herb Scissors at the ready, it’s a nifty snip snip and your whole pizza has a bounty of flavour raining down on it.

3. De Cecco Passata Tomato Sauce – for an easy base

No time to slow roast tomatoes for a homemade pizza sauce? With this De Cecco Passata Tomato Sauce waiting to be called on in your pantry cupboard, it’s as easy as deciding to have pizza tonight. Add garlic, herbs and spices to make it your own.

4. Le Creuset Basting Brush – makes for pronto spreading

The ingredients might not need to go to the edge of the pizza base, but the sauce most definitely should. Spread the goodness in a few, smooth swipes with a Le Creuset Basting Brush. Pronto, mama.

5. Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker – adds all the flavour

For all its flavour adding powers, garlic bulbs can be quite tedious to prep. When it comes to upping your pizza making ante, adding all the garlic is a cinch with a Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker. A breeze to use and even easier to clean.

For more awesome pizza tools, check out our complete Pizza Collection and an exciting special on the Kitchen Craft Pizza Stone.

When it gets this easy, every Friday can be pizza night, folks. Just don’t forget a Monthly Mixed Case for a well rounded shindig.