5 fun layered cake ideas every baker should try

Cakes are getting a major make-under with the new naked cake trend and we love it. It’s about bending the traditional rules and looking out for the bare necessities, as the chipper Baloo likes to remind us. With a super laid-back, no-frills feel, naked cakes let the layers shine. Here’s the skinny on five of our favourite naked cake ideas from Pinterest.


Simple is best

The beauty of a naked cake lies in its simplicity. Creating a chic tower like the ones below is totally doable. Why not give your cake a garland of leaves or even just a pretty posy on top? All you need is a classic sponge cake recipe.

simple naked cake

Keep it mini

Instead of one big treat, this one’s charm is in making it mini. (How fast can you say that one?) Delightfully dainty, these tiny naked cakes are on our baking bucket list. An easy trick? Bake a tray of cupcakes and simply lob the tops off. Ha!

min cakes

Play with colours

Less icing gives you a chance to play around with the colour of your cake. We love this light to dark masterpiece and you can even bake each layer a different flavour. Epic, we think. How about going ombre with red velvet?

colur layers

Adorn it

If you think less icing means your cake will lack flair, think again. Take your naked cake to the next level with cascades of flowers and berries. Perfection. It works for Easter eggs and Christmas truffles too.

adorned cakes_edited-1

Add some sprinkles

Few things make the eyes glint like 100’s and 1000’s of sweet lookin’ sprinkles. Add pops of colour to your cake layers by adding sprinkles to your batter or simply adorn each layer with some sprinkles like this one. Why stop at sprinkles when you can add dinosaurs or pearls?

sprinkle cake

For more ideas head on over to our Pinterest profile and explore our boards. You may just find something you like.

Now, go get your bake on.