5 craft beers for your Christmas table

While it’s a known fact that beer goes with just about everything, we thought we’d take a spare moment to bring you a special selection of five craft beers that are perfect for all the merriment this season. Dressed for the occasion, these beers will certainly jingle bells.


1. Brewdog Hoppy Christmas

Certain flavours like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cranberries, raisins and turkey are key around Christmas time. And while this is true, the folks at Brewdog decided to celebrate that everyday is great for hoppy flavours like pine, lemon, grapefruit and apricot. So, instead of bringing you a happy Christmas of the traditional variety, they bring you a hoppy one. The Brewdog Hoppy Christmas will be a zippy accompaniment to any spicy Christmas dishes.


2. Darling Brew Christmas Beer

A South African Christmas is quite different to any other in that we more often than not celebrate with casual outdoor braais and easy eating. The guys at Darling Brewery know just how to brew a beer for such an occasion. Their Darling Brew Christmas Beer has all the festive flavour and spices, yet is light, crisp and refreshing, like most Darling brews. With only one batch going out every December, you’d best grab some while you can.


3. Peak Organic Nut Brown Ale

This beer comes to you from faraway shores. No, not the North Pole, but the US is far enough, we reckon. The nutty flavours, encased in subtle chocolate and caramel make this Peak Organic Nut Brown Ale a great accompaniment to a gammon dish thanks to the big body and sweetness.


4. Van Hunks Pumpkin Ale from Boston Breweries

Looking for a traditional Christmas brew? This is your guy. With a bold body and deep cinnamon flavours, the nutmeg and pumpkin flavours of this Van Hunks Pumpkin Ale really come to the forefront. Ideal for festive celebrations, this beer was originally inspired by the tale of Van Hunks smoking his pipe creating the ever-lasting cloud on Table Mountain. This guy will taste great with dessert or even as a friend to a traditional turkey.


5. The Standeaven Brewery Press Club Stout

The folks at Standeaven are known for brewing quality, malt-forward, hoppy beers but this Standeaven Brewery Press Club Stout is their most chocolaty creation yet. And while all things chocolate are great all year round, at Christmas there’s no harm in upping the ante. So instead of munching down on those hollow, foil covered chocolate balls this year, why not hit a chocolaty Stout instead. It will go down a treat served with rich puddings like this fondant or even the spiced Christmas cake.


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Cheers to the great beers, merry friends.