4 features and many reasons to own a pair of multi-purpose scissors

We’ve all got one, that kitchen drawer stuffed to the brim with takeaway menus, paper napkins, maybe a light bulb and the odd screw driver (if you’re lucky). But finding what you’re looking for when you have five minutes to change a plug before you have to be on your way? Close to impossible. Imagine how much time you would save if there were a tool that could jump to your aid on many a simple task? The Yuppiechef Multi-purpose Scissors are just such a tool.

4 features of the Yuppiechef multipurpose scissors

Scissors are definitely one of the unsung heroes of the kitchen, and these are the Superman of the scissor world. Not only can you snip open packaging, but you can also do an array of other useful things with these. Here are four reasons why we keep our multipurpose scissors right out where we can find them – on the fridge.

4 features of the Yuppiechef multipurpose scissors

4 features you want in multi-purpose scissors:

1. Nut cracker: This one is simple – when you don’t have a nut cracker, you’re at the mercy of a couple of bottles or your cousin squeezing them in his meaty paws. Fret no more. Now you can have fresh, out-of-the-shell nuts with just a quick squeeze of the scissors. Just line-up the nut between the handles and give them a gentle squeeze. The teeth will help to make quick work of shells, and there’s no need to enlist the cousin.

2. Screw driver: If you’ve ever searched high and low for a screwdriver, only to discover the kids have made off with it and planted it in the garden, then this will be your saving grace. From changing the plug on your kettle to tightening a loose screw in a wobbly lid handle, there’s no end of uses for a screwdriver in the kitchen.

3. Bottle opener: Lost the bottle opener again? It’s a terrible thing to misplace when all you need is to crack open a cold one. These ones, attached to you scissors live right out in the open on the fridge, so you’ll always be able to grab them (and put them back) when you’re reaching for your next brew.

4. Easy to clean: After all that, it’s understandable that they might get grubby. For easy cleaning, just separate the two blades, wash and dry them carefully and pop them back together again. Quick, simple and no chance of a build up of gunk between these blades.

And after all is said and done, they can live on the fridge in their protective magnetic storage sheath, so you can always find them when you need them. Simple.

4 features of the Yuppiechef multipurpose scissors

Handy tools like this don’t belong in the junk drawer, or man drawer – whatever you call it – these scissors will rise above the clutter.