4 chocolate recipes to fall in love over

Chocolate can be many things. It can be a plaster, a peacemaker, a hug of affection or a thank you. But in February – in February it is one thing only. Chocolate is love. Like love it is complex, rich, decadent, smooth, sometimes bitter, but always over too quickly. Whether you like to eat it insatiably or prefer to savour it until it melts in your mouth, chocolate is something you crave. So since it’s February – give chocolate. But not the wrapped-in-foil kind. Give the kind with mystery and sentiment instilled in the kitchen. From fondant to mousse, churros and cupcakes, these four chocolate recipes won’t disappoint.


Which of these chocolate recipes will you make this Valentine’s Day?

Stay in, get heady on cocoa, heck make all four and indulge in the beauty of chocolate.