Watch these 3 clever Christmas hacks from Franck Dangereux

Got 5 minutes to spare and want to be 3 Christmas hacks wiser? Renowned chef and host of our festive online course, Franck Dangereux has a wealth of knowledge on how to up your game in the kitchen, plus he’s so charming, I could just keep him in my apron pocket. You really should sign up for this course and tick Christmas cooking off your ‘To Master’ list. But just to give you a head start, these are 3 of my favourite Christmas hacks from A Very Merry Festive Feast.

A Very Merry Festive Feast with Franck Dangereux - a Online Cooking Course

1. Why you should use butter between phyllo pastry layers

I didn’t even know I had to use layers when baking with pastry – this cool hack takes it to another level.

2. Where you should actually be sticking your Turkey stuffing

I didn’t mean for that to sound rude – but I honestly thought there was only one place to stick your stuffing. Franck knows better.

3. How you should really be cracking your eggs

I’ve been doing it wrong all these years? No wonder I end up with all the bits in my bowl. And there I thought I was smart because I knew to fish them out with another piece of egg shell.

Thought these were good? Sign up for the Very Merry Festive Feast online course and blow everyone away with your cool Christmas cooking knowledge and the best turkey you’ve ever tasted.

Every one of our team members who’ve braved this adventure not only say it was worth it but that it really is like having the charming Franck in your apron pocket come Christmas Day.