Ronneby Bruk Ultra Light Professional Cast Iron Frying Pan

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Product Info

Ronneby Bruk creates possibilities for simple and natural cooking with genuine products in high quality. To reduce the impact on nature, only environmentally certified canola and vegetable oil approved by the Swedish KRAV foundation is used in the pre-seasoning process. No artificial coatings or palm tree oil is used.

  • Lightweight Cast Iron with forged handle
  • Cast iron is a great conveyor and retainer of heat, perfect for frying
  • Comes pre-seasoned


How To Measure a Frying Pan

Diagram of how to measure a frying pan
  • Pan Size (cm): Measured from inside top edge to inside top edge
  • Base Diamter (cm): Measured inside pan, from lowest point edge to edge
  • Rim Height (cm): Measured inside pan, from highest point to lowest point
  • Base Thickness (mm): Taken from lowest point inside pan to area in contact with heat source
  • Handle Length: Measured from where the handle attaches to the rim to the furthest end of the handle

Relative Size of a Frying Pan

Diagram showing size of pans relative to an egg
  • 20cm pan: 1 egg
  • 22cm pan: 1 egg
  • 24cm pan: 2 eggs
  • 26cm pan: 3 eggs
  • 28cm pan: 4 eggs
  • 30cm pan: 4 eggs
  • 32cm pan: 5 eggs

Pans are shown relative to a large egg cooked in a standard 10cm egg ring

  • 20cm Frying Pan
    • Pan size: 20cm
    • Base diameter: 15cm
    • Handle length: 20cm
    • Pan depth: 4cm
  • 24cm Frying Pan
    • Pan size: 24cm
    • Base diameter: 18.5cm
    • Handle length: 22cm
    • Pan depth: 4cm
  • 26cm Frying Pan
    • Pan size: 26cm
    • Base diameter: 20cm
    • Handle length: 22cm
    • Pan depth: 4.2cm
  • 28cm Frying Pan
    • Pan size: 28cm
    • Base diameter: 21.5cm
    • Handle length: 23cm
    • Pan depth: 4.5cm
  • 30cm Frying Pan
    • Pan size: 30cm
    • Base diameter: 23.5cm
    • Handle length: 23cm
    • Pan depth: 4.8cm
  • 36cm Frying Pan
    • Pan size: 36cm
    • Base diameter: 29cm
    • Handle length: 25cm
    • Pan depth: 5cm


  • Heat Source: Gas, Oven, Electric, Induction, Ceramic Glass

Care Instructions

  • Best cleaned with warm water and a brush immediately after cooking, while the pan is still hot
  • Never clean in the dishwasher as it will ruin the seasoning and easily rust
  • Dry completely after cleaning and season with some cooking oil

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