Online Wedding Registry Set-up Guide

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Getting started is quick and easy

Creating and managing a registry on Yuppiechef is simple. You create and personalise your registry, then let us deliver it straight to your door, for free, so you can unpack everything from the comfort of your newlywed home. How does it all work? Follow the simple steps below.

1. Create and Personalise

Enter your names and wedding date, and you’re halfway. Your registry should be about you, so add photos and leave a little message for your guests.

2. Add Gifts and Tell your Guests

Use our Starter Collections to auto-populate your registry with a few carefully chosen gifts, then add and remove as you like, or start from scratch, using this opportunity to register for all those things you’ve had your heart set on for years.

3. Edit, add and swap items

Throughout the period of your engagement, you can add and remove items from your registry, and make different things available to your guests. Once the wedding is over, you can also swap items, making sure you get exactly what you want.

4. Thank You Manager

Use our Thank You Manager to keep ‘live’ track of who buys what on your registry, so you can thank each guest personally. Even if you swap an item out for something else, you’ll still have a record of who bought what to thank them.

5. Close Up and Have it Delivered

After your big day, finalise and close up your registry. Within a few days, we’ll deliver the whole package to your door for free in South Africa. It really is that easy.

Ready to get started?

Setting up a Yuppiechef Online Wedding Registry is quick, easy and free.

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