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This Month's Mixed Case - September - An IPA a day keeps the doctor away!

Do you suffer from springtime allergies? Are you tired of streaming eyes, a stuffy nose, and
constant sneezing? Then you need to try the miracle cure that pharmaceutical companies
don’t want you to know about - IPA! That’s right! By simply drinking one IPA every day, you’ll
cure your springtime allergies is less than one month. Don’t believe us? Good because we’re
talking complete rubbish but you have to admit, it does sound like a pretty damn inviting

Yes, Spring has sprung and with it comes new life, new beginnings, and new flavours. To
celebrate the season, we’re breathing new life into this month’s mixed case with a full roster
of debut beers.

Let us know what you think of the beers. Hit us up on @TastingLeague on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and join the crafty conversation. Every month our community of Tasting League Legends post pics and reviews of the mixed case beers. There are always League of Beers vouchers up for grabs so keep an eye on the timelines for details. Until next month, cheers and here’s to great craft beers!

Hoghouse Haybale Saison, 340ml

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The Hoghouse Brewing Company was formed by the Mineral Services Group in 2013, inspired by a great thirst that grows from over two decades of geological exploration in the African bushveld and beyond.

The Warthog, a legendary and loveable little beast is the founding company’s mascot and how the Hoghouse Brewing Company found a kindred spirit and home.

  • Light and hazy gold 
  • Fruity & yeasty aromas with notes of banana & lemon verbena 
  • Lighter bodied with mild bitterness and a malty finish

Mad Giant Brewing Clockwork Collab Absolute Trouper Pilsner, 340ml

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When you’ll do anything to get what you want, even share your deepest secrets. This is the beer for you, crafted by two so that you can enjoy a few. A brilliant collaboration between Clockwork Brewhouse and Mad Giant.

  • Clear gold appearance
  • Aroma is of toasted grain, floral and citrus 
  • Experience floral notes balancing on a sweet malt backbone spiked with lemon
  • Medium bodies and crisp  

Camelthorn Urbock, 330ml

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Camelthorn is a quirky, crafted and unpretentious Namibian craft beer brand that was introduced to South Africa in July 2017 with 2 variants - a filtered Helles and Krystal Weiss in 330ml NRB. Based on the success of the brand, they have decided to include the much loved Urbock, previously a stand-alone brand, as a new variant within the Camelthorn trademark.

  • Camelthorn Urbock is a traditional bock style beer
  • Brewed with the finest Munich Malt
  • It has a distinctive deep red glow and malty flavours, making it perfect for a chilly evening
  • Camelthorn Urbock has a 7% ABV 

Poison City Brewing Durban Poison IPA, 340ml

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Poison City Brewing is Durban born and bred. Its creators Graeme and Andre live, surf and dream Durban. Together they make exceptional craft beer, beer made for people who give a damn about what they drink, beer that never compromises on taste or quality, beer that lives where edge meets class, and beer that plays tribute to the soul of Durban.

  • Poison City Brewing's Durban Poison Cannabis IPA is a tribute to classic American Westcoast IPA, with a real Durban twist 
  • Added Cannabis for extra depth, flavour and mouthfeel

Darling Brew Sataos Ivory IPA, 330ml

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Darling Brew, Africa’s first Carbon Neutral Brewery, brings you their latest beer Satao’s Ivory, a baobab IPA which was brewed in collaboration with American based brewery, Max Lager.

  • Style: Red IPA 
  • This limited-edition IPA hopped with Lemondrop and Azacca, is packed with tart, citrus-like baobab, and rich caramel flavours 
  • A good dose of hops
  • The pear-like aroma of ripe baobab fruit combines with fresh grass and melon from the dry hop
  • As has become synonymous with the Darling Brew Slow Brewed range, this beer is yet another quaffable, sessionable, ‘I want more’ beer

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