Craft Beer Tasting Notes

This Month's Mixed Case - Mo'vember

It is the month where we all grow an inbuilt filter to clarify those beers just a little bit more in the name of the health of men everywhere. Fittingly MO'vember hails from Australia and we have another exclusive Ozzie beer for you as the highlight. But then to be honest, Lakeside has a new beer, Drifter did a collab in the US of A, Franschoek debuts as well as Ukhamba with their Neo-Afro styles. And then Big Eben is back with another Giant.

Cheers and be a good MO' Bro

Ukhamba Beerworx Utywala Sorghum Saison

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The Utywala Sorghum Saison is a refreshing farmhouse ale with an African twist. It has a tart and fruity nose with a crisp mouth feel. Sorghum malt, which is popular with making Umqombothi (traditional African beer) gives this beer a unique character.

  • Saison pale ale made with sorghum malt
  • Unique flavour similar to Umqombothi
  • Tart, fruity aromas
  • Crisp, refreshing taste

Lakeside Festival Lager

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This larger than life Oktoberfest-style lager is unique and malty with a hoppy bitterness, but without the bite. Unfiltered, unpasteurised and carefully brewed for six weeks, it's the kind of beer that kicks off a good time. 

  • Lager
  • Deep gold in colour
  • Features Magnum hops for bittering and Noble hops for flavour and aroma

Mad Giant Brewing The Guzzler Pilsner

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The Guzzler is brewed to be light, complex and layered with fresh, grassy, and a slight lemony aroma. This beer allows for a refreshing carbonation and lingering malty sweetness on the palate. It is the only dry-hopped pilsner in SA. This is an all German hopped brew.

  • A light pilsner
  • Made with water, barley and hops
  • Grassy, lemony aromas
  • Medium bitterness
  • The only dry-hopped pilsner in SA

Drifter Brewing Co Eastside Dark Lager

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This beer is a collaboration between Drifter and the American brewery Lakefront in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is a blend of three specialty grains, creating a rich, smooth, dark beer. Hints of roasted malts find their way into the aroma, and form a pleasant background to the dark, rich flavour. The German lager yeast rounds out this brew with a smooth, complex finish. 

  • Dark lager
  • Blend of three specialty grains
  • Pours a clear, dark colour with an off-white head
  • Aroma features notes of roasted malt
  • Dark and rich flavour with a smooth finish
  • Pairs well with beef dishes, as the roasted malt character complements beef's rich flavour
  • Winner of the 2014 and 2106 European Beer Star Gold Medal for Bohemian-Style Schwarzbier

Australian Brewery Australian Pale Ale

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Inspired by the Australian pacific pale ale style, this characteristically cloudy, pale beer features the rich aromas of citrus and passionfruit that only galaxy hops can give. It is crisp and refreshing, and full of distinctive aromas that make for a perfect mix of flavour and drinkability.

  • Refreshing Australian style pale ale
  • Made with Australian galaxy hops
  • Crisp flavour
  • Citrus and passion fruit aromas

The Franschhoek Beer Co O.P.A. Orange Pale Ale

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The Franschhoek Beer Co has used two different types of orange peel in their pale ale, which create a crisp bitterness that does not linger, and just a delectable hint of orange. It has a citrus aroma that, together with the hop aroma, result in a beautifully complex nose.

  • Orange pale ale
  • Notes of orange, grapefruit, passion fruit and lychees
  • Golden amber colour with a slight haze
  • Complex hop aroma derived from citrus added at several time points throughout the brewing process
  • Best served at 7°C