Craft Beer Tasting Notes

This Month's Mixed Case - June - Hump Month and Father's Day

It is the middle of winter and time to start featuring the darker brews. We end of with 2 seasonal's, before tempting you with a rare, new find. Since we can't go full cold turkey from IP-May, we have included at least one IPA. We have a full flavoured blonde for the winter and just to show that we haven't forgotten Dad, we start off with the very solid, newly packaged CBC lager. Cheers and see you on @TastingLeague to share your thoughts, pics and comments.

Cape Brewing Company Lager

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Full bodied and complex, with a light bready aroma, the CBC Lager is a great transitional beer for those used to commercial lager offerings. With the characteristic lack of astringency common among craft beers, the CBC Lager is a lightly malty lager with moderate hoppiness.

  • Darker, golden lager
  • Clear, with a frothy head that dissipates quickly
  • Notes of spruce and bread, with light malt and low astringency

Brugse Zot Blonde Ale

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Brugse Zot is a delicious blonde beer, brewed according to a unique and traditional recipe. The beer is brewed with four different kinds of malt and two aromatic varieties of hop which give it its inimitable taste. The refermentation in the bottle creates a longer natural preservability.

  • Golden blonde in colour
  • Rich foam collar
  • Fruity yet spicy bouquet
  • Palate is complex and tends towards a certain bitterness with hints of citrus
  • Pairs well with fish and crustaceans, beef or desserts with red fruits

Innis & Gunn American IPA

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Brewed with mandarina, cascade and centennial hops, this IPA bursts with citrus fruit aromas, balanced by a rich malt backbone. 100% unfiltered to leave the beer packed with flavour and a natural light bronze haze.

  • Light bronze in colour
  • Aromatic dry hop aroma of orange, litchi and citrus
  • Mouth coating hop bitterness, cleansed by malt sweetness
  • Clean, crisp and aromatic finish
  • Malts: extra pale malt, Munich malt
  • Serve at 2-6° C

Swiftys Bru Muti Dark Ale

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Muti is a dark ale, that has been inspired by the English porter. Muti has been brewed to chase away the winter chills. An eclectic mix of malts has been blended to bring you a beer that is rich in colour and flavour.

  • Dark brown in colour
  • Dense white head
  • Dark chocolate dominates the profile which is subtly complimented with famous English hops