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This Month's Mixed Case - March - Quench Your Thirst!

Guys and gals, we’re in March. Can you believe it? I swear we were just celebrating New Year’s
a few days ago. Speaking of New Year’s, how are those resolutions looking? What do you
mean what resolutions? You know the ones you said you were going to stick to this year no
matter what? Ah yes, the vague memories of more gym, less junk food and better spending
habits flicker dimly in the recesses of the mind. Well, we’re happy to tell you that we’re killing it
on our resolution to find you epic beers.
This month we’ve got a seriously tasty line up with a couple of debuts, a few returning favourites
and a whole lot of thirst-quenching action.

Be sure to join us this month online @TastingLeague and give us your thoughts on the mixed
case. We’re also always looking for the latest and greatest beers so if you hear of anything new,
even if it’s a small brewery in a small town then hit us up and we’ll see what we can do. Until
next month, here’s to continued New Year’s resolution success, cheers!

Darling Brew Long Claw Saison 330ml

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Darling Brew's Long Claw single hop saison is a collaboration brew with Eduardo Petry of Sunset Brew. Eduardo came to South Africa from Brazil to visit the Kruger Park and Darling Brew. Eduardo specialises in making saisons, so the idea was to put a modern twist on this classic style with the use of citra hops. The resulting beer is a modern saison with fruity esters and tropical fruit aromas.

  • Golden amber in colour
  • Moderate white head
  • Tropical fruit on the nose and palate

The Italian Job Brewery Amore Amber Ale, 340ml

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Meet The Italian Job's Amore Amber Ale the red-head of the family and the most gorgeous of the lot. Unlike their cousin Pilsner, this beer is a little more straight forward. Expect smoky caramel flavours with a hint of coffee supported by a sweet grain nose.

  • Sweet lingering bitter body, bread and biscuit
  • Medium, soft finish
  • To the taste: Smoky caramel, hint of coffee
  • On the nose: caramel, sweet grain

Devil's Peak Brewing Company King's Blockhouse Grapefruit IPA

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The King's Blockhouse Grapefruit IPA has a grapefruit freshness that perfectly matches the double dry-hopped citrusy character. Best enjoyed fresh – the way the brewer intended.

  • Appearance: Orange gold
  • Aroma: Massive grapefruit and citrus with a touch of floral hops
  • Flavour: Lots and lots of juicy, punchy grapefruit
  • Mouthfeel: Snappy and refreshing with a medium body

Cape Brewing Company Mandarina Bavaria IPA

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The exclusive use of Mandarina Bavaria hops for extensive dry hopping makes this German-style IPA a first ever in Africa. The bitterness is balanced by a strong malt backbone, with intense flavours of nectarine, naartjie and lemon on the palate.

  • Vivid orange copper in colour
  • Foamy, slightly off-white head
  • Roasted malt and citrus on the nose, with strong nectarine, naartjie and lemon notes on the palate

Rob Heyns' Tasting Notes:

November 2014 - This IPA has many firsts in it, it is the first IPA brewed by a German brewer in SA, Wolfgang’s first IPA and the first IPA brewed with all German ingredients. A simple description would be fruity, namely citrusy fruits like naartjie, grapefruit, orange and lemon, as well as very bitter, while not being too harsh.

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