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This Month's Mixed Case - January - Hoppy New Beer

We made it through 2017! Now it is time to take on 2018 and what better way to do that than with a great mix of beers. The international flavour is high! We have Italian craft brand that is co-owed by the guys who brought Innis & Gunn to SA. Then, sadly the last of our refreshing Ozzie beers. And Union is the forerunner of craft beer in SA, but brew their beers in Bavaria. Toast Ale is a UK initiative that is fighting food wastage and hunger through beer, Devil's Peak are brewing their local edition. Then to really confuse the taste buds, we took all of the Devil's Peak Collaboration series beers and randomly tossed them into your mixed cases. This means that you will get to try one of the beers from this range, you just don't yet know which one and neither do we.

Mazzatti Italian Beer Pilsner Superiore

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Mazzatti is brewed by a 160 year old, family owned brewery in Lagundo, Northern Italy. It is brewed the traditional Italian way resulting in a crisp, clean, hoppy beer with a fuller, more satisfying body (known as "gusto rotundo") than mass produced beers. Mazzatti is brewed in the Italian Alps using natural, Alpine mountain water. The water’s softness and purity mean that no chemicals are added, and Mazzatti is brewed naturally.

Mazzatti beer takes twice as long to make as commercially produced beers because of its unusually long lagering (the maturation period after brewing when Mazzatti rests at less than 0 degrees in subterranean cold-storage cellars for 5 weeks) process, to create its unique smoothness.

Italian beers are known for being elegant and light bodied with a refreshing crispness. They are well-suited to the warm Italian climate, which is not dissimilar to South Africa’s.

  • Pilsner
  • Clean, dry beer with a gentle, refreshing bitterness and a lively spiced hop aroma
  • Elegant blonde beer style
  • Naturally brewed
  • Brewed in Italy

AND UNION Neu Blk Dark Lager Can

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One of the first craft beers on the scene in South Africa, the And Union Unfiltered Dark Lager is a dry, well-hopped lager with a rich, dark, roasted malt flavour. Light in body, this complex beer has a hearty taste and bursts with character.

  • Cloudy, dark lager
  • Unfiltered
  • Freshly steeped coffee colour with silky crema foam
  • Toasty with dark fruit, roasted malt, and umami flavours
  • Light and citrusy fresh hop finish with hints of bitter chocolate
  • Aromas of toasted malt, roasted nuts, dark berry and caramelised orange peel
  • Food pairing: mature hard cheese, teriyaki, oysters, biltong, oxtail, game, stews, beef sausages, burgers, steak

Toast Ale SA Pale Ale

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Toast award-winning beer is brewed using unsold loaves from bakeries and unused crusts from sandwich makers. With a slice of surplus fresh bread in each bottle, and profits poured into ending food waste as well as empowering unemployed South Africans through a partnership with NGO Soil for Life, Toast is the best thing since sliced bread.

  • Toast Pale Ale is brewed with Knead bread, malted barley, standard ale yeast and American hops at Devil's Peak brewery
  • It is hop forward with notes of lemon, orange, pine and florals but it is very well balanced with bready notes, creating fullness and body

AND UNION Friday Uber IPA Can

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This IPA is And Union's take on an American style IPA using Hallertau aroma hops and American hops. The aroma expresses notes of roasted tangerine and peach cobbler, while the flavour has hints of crème brûlée, ripe tropical fruit and a fresh ginger finish.

  • American style IPA
  • Deep hazy copper in colour
  • Medium white head
  • Roasted tangerine and peach cobbler on the nose, with flavours of crème brûlée, ripe tropical fruit and a fresh ginger and dry hoppy finish
  • Pairs well with North Indian curries, barbeque meat, cajun spice, Schezuan pepper, strong cheddar and currywurst

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