Craft Beer Tasting Notes

This Month's Mixed Case - September Nou Gaan Ons Braai

It is the month of the braai and Beer Country are taking you through it and holding your hands with these braai perfect buddies below. Go check out the action on the @TastingLeague


Jack Black's Keller Pilsner

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This naturally unfiltered pilsner beer is direct from the cellar, or Keller as it is known in Germany. This beer has got some serious depth of character while holding true to a classic beer style.

  • White foam head and tight bubbled mousse give way to smooth unfiltered goodness
  • Spicy and aromatic, it has a balanced mouthfeel with a crisp clean finish

Metal Lane Brewery Pale Ale

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Metal Lane is a small brewery located in Kloof Street, Cape Town. It is constantly working on traditional and non-traditional styles of beer and brewing techniques, and strives to create the best possible tasting craft beer.

  • Balances and refreshing pale ale
  • Aroma of stone fruit and grapefruit
  • Simcoe and Citra hops

Urban Brewing Co Talisman Weiss

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Talisman is a local fable about the infamous, predominant, dry south-easterly wind that howls along the Cape Peninsula coastline from spring to late summer. For a local fisherman "blind Jack", this Cape Doctor or "South Easterly" wind is his talisman. Fable has it, he safely navigated his passage across the bay of Hout Bay in the notorious howling gale-force wind storm of 1941 with the relentless Cape Doctor churning up the seas along his treacherous coastline.

  • A traditional Weiss
  • Suave, self-assured Weissbier with a glint of rapscallion
  • Bavarian style
  • Golden in colour with extreme hoppy notes¬†

Mad Giant Brewing True Grit Amber Ale

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An elegant beer that slows down time for quiet contemplation around the drawing board as you plot your light plan to success. Medium bitterness with biscuit, honey and roasted flavours, followed by citrus and fruity hop aromas. Cascade and Centennial are the main hops used in this brew, with a touch of Citra.

  • A light amber ale
  • Malts: 6
  • Hop varieties: 3
  • Bitterness: Medium
  • Made with water, barley and hops
  • Citrus, fruity, honey and biscuit notes

La Chouffe Blond Ale

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La Chouffe is an unfiltered blonde beer, which is fermented twice, once in the keg and again in the bottle. Pleasantly fruity, and spiced with coriander, it has a light hop taste. Because it is unfiltered, some of the yeast will settle at the bottom during storage. Pour gently to avoid pouring the yeast out - serve separately if desired.

  • Hazy golden colour
  • Thick, white, frothy head
  • Strong yeasty smell, with notes of spice, cloves and citrus

Zwakala Brewery Weekend Special Lemongrass White IPA Collab with Drifter

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The Weekend Special is a hybrid IPA and Weiss beer that was brewed on Zwakala's "Beerversary" - hence the name as a collab beer with Drifter Brewing Company. It contains 7 different types of hops, 4 kilograms of lemongrass, the delicious esters of the weiss yeast and is made with quality water. 

  • White IPA Weiss
  • Fruity aromas and flavours due to fruity esters used
  • Lemongrass brings a subtle, citrus aftertaste
  • 7 hops used