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This Month's Mixed Case - Beer Country

Citizens of Beer Country! It is us, Beer Country and it’s time to party. Why you may ask? Because Beer Country has finally made it onto local TV screens starting 2 December. To celebrate, we’ve taken over this month’s mixed case and even if we do say so ourselves, damn we’ve put together a sexy line up! We’ve been working hard with a couple of the breweries featured in the TV show to bring you three new colab brews. We’ve also got a not one, but two first time beer appearances, as well as our old faithful, Moerkoffie.

Cape Brewing Company Mandarina Weiss

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The Mandarina Weiss is a refreshing, fruity, thirst quencher, and a must for every Weiss beer lover. It has delicious naartje and lemony notes from an imported speciality hop from Germany called Madarina Bavaria.

  • Unfiltered speciality Weissbeer
  • Banana, Tropical fruit esters from the yeast
  • Imported German specialty hop brings flavours of naartje and lemon

Saggy Stone Fireside Pale Ale

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Fireside Pale Ale is a collaboration between Beer Country and Afro Caribbean Brewing Co. It's a once off brew to co-incide with the release of the TV series, "Beer Country". Fireside is a light amber pale ale with beech-smoked malt, and a hoppy kick. The idea is not a smoked beer, but rather it tastes like you were braaing and brewing at the same time!

  • Pale ale
  • Light amber in colour
  • Beech-smoked malt and hoppy kick

Wild Clover Brewery Three Beards Blended Ale

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Three Beards is a blend of three of Wild Clover's favourite ales. It's inspired by the drink of choice of London's pub locals in the 18th century called the three-threads; a mixture of three types of beer drawn from separate casks in the ale house.

  • Blend of three Wild Clover ales
  • Appearance: Inky red brown
  • Aroma: Roasted malt and nuts with a touch of spice and citrus
  • Flavour: Almost burnt toast and subtle chocolate sweetness with a nutty, fruity finish
  • Mouthfeel: Rounded and easy drinking

Darling Brew 4X4 Black Lager

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A Black Lager (Schwarzbier) is a collaboration brew between Beer Country and Darling Brew. Inspired by the legendary 4x4s that conquered the tough African terrain, the roasted flavours are reminiscent of coffee brewed on a camp fire.

  • Black Lager (Schwarzbier)
  • Full of roast coffee and chocolate flavours
  • Light and refreshing body with complex hops
  • Distinct citrus aromas
  • Shelf life: 10 months

Fraser's Folly Dark Continent Moerkoffie Condensed Milk Stout

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The term ‘moerkoffie’ comes from one of the most expressive languages in the world, Afrikaans. Directly translated it means, ‘smack coffee’ and there are various theories behind the name. Some say it’s because back in the day the beans were moered by hand to grind them up. Others say it’s because moerkoffie is super strong, hence it moering you. It's a hearty, rich beer with coffee and vanilla notes.

  • Condensed milk and coffee stout
  • Brewed with Beaver Creek Coffee
  • Fraser’s stout is the base of the beer
  • It’s a blend of three African coffees, as well as locally grown coffee from the estate
  • It has a rich body with caramel and toffee flavours to complement the roasted malt in the beer
  • The last ingredient was condensed milk extract to give it the vanilla and caramel nose
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