Craft Beer Tasting Notes

This Month's Mixed Case - March - Get outside and braai!

Every March it’s the same story. You’re relaxing at home on the weekend with a cold brew in
hand when all of a sudden it hits you... braai smoke with just a hint of boerie fat. As it wafts
through the window your pupils dilate and you’re instantly jealous of whoever is braaing. It’s
powerful, unmistakable, and the person that eventually bottles that smell and sells it as Eau de
Boerie will undoubtedly be the richest person in the world. Hmm… boerewors… wait a second-
where was I going with this? Ah yes, braai!

That’s right my crafty friends, beer and braai season is in full swing and this month we’re
encouraging all of you to get outside and braai. We’ve got an epic line up of fireside crackers
and we’ve even added a handy braai pairing suggestion for each brew. Each pairing is designed
to enhance the beer drinking experience while cutting through the richness of the dish. Pairing is
all about finding common flavours that enhance one another, or clashing flavours to create new
flavour experiences. If you decide to give one a try then be sure to tag us on social media and
we’ll make sure the world sees your masterpiece.

For more crafty action follow us on @TastingLeague and join the conversation about all things
beer in South Africa. Our community is growing every month and we’re always looking for new
recruits in the craft beer revolution. Until next month, cheers and here’s to great beer and braai

Afro Caribbean Brewing Co Pirate Porter, 330ml

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Afro Caribbean Brewing is a small brewpub located above Banana Jam Café in Cape Town. They brew unique ales with their feet in Africa and their hearts in the Caribbean.

  • The appearance is a delisously dark colour 
  • Experience an aroma of roasted malt and espresso 
  • The flavour is a delightful dark chocolate and rich coffee taste with a dry and bitter finish 
  • Medium bodied and smooth mouthfeel 
  • It’s rich, smooth and hits all the porter notes you know and love

Noon Gun Brewery Smooth Bore Lager, 340ml

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The Noon Gun crispy, smooth lager with a delicious malt complexity and perfectly balanced hop bitterness promises to be the perfect cool-down drink on a hot day. This award-winning lager is described to be as reliable as the legendary Cape Town Noon Guns from the 1800s. 

  • Traditional silky-smooth lager
  • Rich malt and bitterness for easy drinking 
  • Light gold colour 
  • Crisp and smooth with malt aromas

Richmond Hill Brewing Co Car Park John Amber Ale, 440ml

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PE's very own local surfing legend, John Scheepers, has been tearing up PE's surf since the beginning of time itself. This amber ale has been brewed to celebrate him and all he has done for the surfing community. With the beer's tropical aroma and rich caramel flavour, it would be a sin to deny yourself a pint while watching the sets roll in.

  • Car Park John is an unfiltered amber ale
  • Hopped with Casecade and Citra for a tropical nose of passion and grapefruit and balanced with a caramel sweetness
  • The appearance is a rich amber 
  • Medium to light in body and a smooth mouthfeel 

Darling Brew Dry-hopped Bone Crusher

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Africa’s First Carbon Neutral Brewery In operation since 2010, Darling Brew is one of South Africa’s first well established and award-winning microbreweries. We brew a wide range of premium specialty beers – including traditional lagers, ales, oat ales, pale ales, IPA’s, wheat beers and exotic darks – that are loved for their flavour, quality ingredients and brewing process.

Each beer in the range has unique characteristics and is dedicated in honour of an endangered species.

  • Darling Brew's first canning venture is a dry-hopped Bone Crusher.
  • Hops were chosen to compliment the spicy, fruity character of Witbier, Calypso adds a complex aroma of stone fruit while Amarillo adds spiciness along with citrus flavours to reinforce the already present orange peel taste and aroma
  • Packed with fruity/floral aromas
  • Balanced with a slightly increased bitterness
  • A very refreshing beer on a hot summers day

Stellenbosch Brewing Co Aloha Pina Colada Scream IPA

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An inspired collaboration with Fierce Beer in Aberdeen, Scotland. A boatload of pineapple juice, a pant load of tropical forward hops added late in the whirlpool which screams hop flavour and aroma with a dash of island coconut.

  • Beautiful sunshine gold appearance 
  • Hefty coconut and tropical fruit aromas
  • Experience the flavour of a coconut laced pineapple grenade to the palate
  • Smooth and creamy mouthfeel 
  • An ideal beer for summer

Drifter Brewing Co Anything Gose, 330ml

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Anything Gose is a tart, salty, gose style beer that was filtered through 100 oysters from the Cape coastal waters resulting in some interesting ocean aromas. It is the second collaboration with Migration Brewing Company in Portland, Oregon. 

  • The appearance is a rich golden colour
  • Briny ocean aromas 
  • Experience a flavour of tart, fruity notes and salty pops

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