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This Month's Mixed Case - January - Cheers To The New Year!

In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Happy New Year! Yes, good people of the League this is it! We are here, 2020, a new decade and we can hardly believe it. This the future that every movie from your childhood was talking about and we are living it. Now we could give you a spiel about New Year’s resolutions and how we’ve got the list to end all lists, but you already know what to expect from us. We’ve had the same goal since the beginning and we’re going to keep hammering away and delivering world-class beer to you every single month.

Once again, Happy New Year from all of us at League of Beers. We exist because you love beer and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got lined up for you in the coming months. A massive shout out to all our friends on social media @TastingLeague and congrats on another amazing year. We look forward to chatting online and hearing what you think of our 2020 line up. Cheers and here’s to another epic year of better craft beer!

Lakeside Festival Lager

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This larger than life Oktoberfest-style lager is unique and malty with a hoppy bitterness, but without the bite. Unfiltered, unpasteurised and carefully brewed for six weeks, it's the kind of beer that kicks off a good time. 

  • Lager
  • Deep gold in colour
  • Features Magnum hops for bittering and Noble hops for flavour and aroma

White Falcon American Wheat Beer, 340ml

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Named after the famous guitar used by many rock legends. A beer like no other combining qualities of a German Weiss and American Wheat. Unique aroma profile of melon and herbs, spritz up with fresh lime peel and lemongrass on the finish.

  • Appearance: Hazy light gold
  • Aroma: Freshly cut melon with a herbal kick
  • Flavour: Zesty lime and lemongrass with a smooth, bitter finish
  • Mouthfeel: Light bodied with solid carbonation 

Sunshine White Beer, 330ml

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Brewed with citrus zest and coriander, Sunshine is a crisp, creamy and tasty white beer brewed in the Belgian wheat beer style. Served ice cold, to accentuate the beautiful hazy colour.

  • Appearance: Light gold
  • Aroma: Pepper and spice with a touch of citrus
  • Flavour: Zesty citrus and punchy coriander with a light banana finish
  • Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied with soft carbonation 

Saggy Stone Brewing Company Desert Lager, 500ml

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The brewmaster designed this beer to be easily accessible and ideal in the hot South African sun. The addition of malted wheat gives this beer a smooth roundness instead of the typical lager crispness, goes well with salads and pizza.

  • Appearance: Clear gold
  • Aroma: Lightly toasted malt with a subtle citrus note
  • Flavour: Bready malt followed by a one-two floral and spice punch
  • Mouthfeel: Smooth with good carbonation

Karma Citra IPA, 330ml

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A West Coast IPA that uses a hedonistic amount of three American hop varieties Amarillo, Mosiac and Citra. Layers of tropical fruit and citrus characteristics lead to a bitter dry finish that has you salivating for more.

  • Appearance: Copper gold
  • Aroma: A tropical fruit punch bowl spiked with pine needles
  • Flavour: Big citrus and tropical fruit with a solid malt backbone
  • Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied and soft

The Italian Job Brewery Gioia Dark Lager, 340ml

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This Dark Lager is the Amber Ale's playful little sister. Bold, brunette and full-flavoured the Gioia (joy) is bound to stand out. Expect caramel, malty sweetness and nutty notes.

  • Experience a wonderful malty sweetness from the Munich malt
  • Very little bitterness in order to bring out the flavour of the malt
  • The taste is caramel and nuts
  • On the nose: chestnuts, chocolate and caramel

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