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This Month's Mixed Case - October - Pretzels and beers!

Beer season is officially open and what better way to kick it off than with Oktoberfest? It’s the
world’s biggest and loudest beer festival and even though it only happens in Germany (and
actually starts in September), it’s managed to filter into beer cultures around the world. For
the next month, you’ll see many little Oktoberfest celebrations popping up all over the
country. The big news in craft is that Cape Brewing Company has become the beer partner
for the official South African version of Oktoberfest. Congrats to CBC for once again making
pioneering moves in the craft industry. To celebrate the month of all things pretzels and beer
we’ve put together a case with a host of new beers and returning favourites. Let’s get to it!

Be sure to join us online this month @TastingLeague to share your beer adventures with our
crafty crew. Also, if you have any feedback or new beers ideas that you’d like to see in a
case then drop us a line. We’re always looking for the latest and greatest beers to share with
our fans. From all of us at the League of Beers, happy Oktoberfest month and Prost!

Woodstock Brewery Acid Queen Granadilla Sour, 440ml

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The brewers at Cape Town's Woodstock Brewery are always playing around with new flavours and techniques, constantly creating new and exciting brews. Acid Queen, “Spring” in the seasonal range, is a kettle-soured beer, brewed and conditioned with fresh granadilla, with a light-bodied blast of tart fruitiness.

  • Kettle-soured beer, brewed and conditioned with fresh granadilla
  • Finished off with light-bodied blast of tart fruitiness
  • Acid Queen is light and hazy in colour
  • Experince a fresh fruity aroma with a mouth puckeringly tart, crisp finish
  • Style: Granadilla Sour

Little Wolf Brewery Table Beer, 340ml

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Inspired by the table beers of Europe, Table Beer is the perfect mealtime and chill-time beer: low enough in alcohol to enjoy a few and flavourful enough to stand up to any dish. It's light, easy drinking but has loads of flavour. It has a great hop profile that keeps you coming back for more and the malt profile is full and satisfying, even though it's only 3.5%.

  • This beer is light on alcohol but big on flavour
  • Citra and Yellow Sub hops give it a blast of fruity citrus character while its malt profile remains subtle, silky and full — because of the oats used
  • Inspired by the table beers of Europe, this is the perfect mealtime and chill-time beer

Poison City Brewing Durban Poison Cannabis Lager, 340ml

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Durban Poison Cannabis Lager is a light-bodied American Lager brewed by Poison City Brewing. No, it won't get you high — it contains no THC. But this beer will make you happy with it's unique, crisp and refreshing easy drinking vibes. They have simply replaced some of the hops with hemp, a related plant that adds similar flavour but also contains that feel good factor! 

  • The look of this beear is a clear Sun-Bleached gold with a white foamy moderate head retention and fast rising bubbles
  • It has a light, balanced, malty aroma with a slightly sweet quality
  • The Saaz style hop presents a slight spicy grass quality with the hemp adding a light and clean white nut nose
  • The flavour is light, malty grain and slightly spicy, it's clean and balanced between a herbal white nut and the spicy Saaz hop bitterness
  • Light, smooth mouthfeel — even oily with a crisp, thirst-quenching finish
  • Made using Saaz style hops, pale malt, hemp and low temperature fermenting lager yeast

Cape Brewing Company Oktoberfest Beer

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Despite being a big, bold beer with rich, complex toasted malt type flavours, this limited release Oktoberfest brew is still very easy on the palate and can be consumed in large quantities. The use of special German malts like Vienna and Munich, and the moderate hop bitterness from the German hops, make it a perfect expression of the Bavarian brewing tradition.

  • Amber brown in colour
  • Medium off-white head
  • Light toasted malt aroma with a layered malt flavour and a dry finish

Rob Heyns' Tasting Notes:

November 2014 - There tends to be an overlap between Oktoberfest and Marzen beers. The overriding similarity is that they are brewed for festival times, are big, bold, sweet, higher in alcohol and have rich, complex toasted malt type flavours. Despite it being so big and flavoursome, this limited release beer is very easy on the palate and can be consumed in large quantities.

Lagunitas Brewing Company IPA, 335ml

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Lagunitas IPA is a well-rounded and highly drinkable IPA, brewed by the Californian brewery that's famous for pioneering the craft beer movement. Made with 43 different hops and 65 various malts, this redolent ale will likely float your boat, whatever planet you're on.

  • A nice orange-ish hue
  • On the nose it has a mix of citrus, berries and sweet floral bouquet 
  • On the palate it is a clean mix of refreshing citrus, sweet caramel and pleasant bitterness
  • A touch of Caramel Malt barley mellows out the twang of the hops
  • A well-bodied beer – right in the middle, not too thin or too heavy

Devil's Peak Brewing Company Ukhamba Collab Black Honey Vol 1, 330ml

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Celebrating Tradition In the spirit of coming together around beer, Devil’s Peak and Ukhamba Beerworx have created Black Honey Imperial Stout – an offering as unique and considered as its ingredients.

  • This beer is intensely rich and dense with aromas of molasses, caramel and full-roasted coffee
  • Super concentrated palate with juicy fullness and a lingering coffee aftertaste, amplified by the black honey processing method
  • At 11.5% ABV, you’ll want to take time to savour every sip

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