Craft Beer Tasting Notes

This Month's Mixed Case - March - She Loves Beer

We have teamed up with the She Loves Beer Collective in this month of March.

The She Loves Beer Collective is inspired by different woman who are pushing the boundaries in their respective fields. It aims to inspire woman everywhere to move beyond their comfort zones to make their mark and achieve their wildest dreams.

5 Brewers have come together to create beers each inspired by a different muse. The She Loves Beer Campaign is about pulling people together around these initiatives.

Agars Brewery Mamphudi Summer Ale

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This is a refreshing and well-balanced golden ale with bold aromas of citrus and pine, and a dry finish. It’s made using a combination of American and Australian hops, and best enjoyed ice-cold on a hot African summer day.

  • A refreshing ale
  • Golden in colour
  • Crisp and light with hoppy notes
  • Flavours of citrus and pine

Copperlake Breweries Starry Eyed Blonde

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The Starry Eyed blonde beer has bold flavours of floral and citrus, complemented by lemon and rose garden aromas, and an aftertaste of red berry and pine nuts. It is beautifully preserved under a blanket of white persistent foam.

  • A light blonde beer
  • Fresh and clean notes and aromas
  • Yellow in colour with a white, foamy head
  • The perfect beverage to quench your thirst

Mad Giant Brewing Killer Hop Pale Ale

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Mad Giant have cranked up the flavour by adding 3 types of aromatic hops in hedonistic quantities for this brew. With a light malt bouquet brought in for backing, you can expect gentle waves of light honey, biscuit and caramel from the special malts, with an explosion of tropical fruits for reworks. The Killer Hop is brewed with Cascade, Centennial and Citra hops.

  • A hoppy pale ale
  • 3 types of hops added to the brew
  • Medium bitterness
  • Honey, biscuit and caramel notes