Craft Beer Tasting Notes

This Month's Mixed Case - IP-May

Yes, you guessed it. We went bonkers and made a whole mixed case full of IPA's! Why; well because IPA's are fantastic. Also because IPA's are often considered to be the bench mark of a craft brewers skill mixed with level of adventurousness. We have attempted a tasting order, but to be honest these are all big and should be taken with a mix of joy and caution. Cheers!

Innis & Gunn Session IPA

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A refreshing India Pale Ale with bags of citrus hop flavour, perfectly balanced by a sweet, malty finish. Brewed using a new extra pale malt that is uniquely kilned to develop more pronounced malty and biscuit flavours.

  • Light gold in colour
  • Complex blend of hop aroma including red fruits, resinous pine, rose petals and light citrus
  • Biscuity malt and hop bitterness are balanced with some sweetness and a smooth texture
  • Clean yet lasting finish
  • Super styrian, cascade, simcoe and citra hops
  • Serve at 4 - 7°C

Mad Giant Brewing Urban Legend IPA

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The Urban Legend makes its debut as Mad Giant's first IPA. Complex and assertive, this fruity beer features moderate bitterness and crisp carbonation, with a fresh and punchy mouthfeel.

  • Crisp gold in colour
  • Intense fruity aroma with melon, passion fruit and lemon zest
  • A blast of fruity, floral notes with a subtle biscuity body

Jack Black's Skeleton Coast IPA

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Skeleton Coast is a fearless beer with full malt flavour and extreme hop character. The latest in a series of great beers from Jack Black's, this is dry hopped and has powerful citrus, floral and earthy notes.

  • Hazy amber colour
  • Medium sized, compact white head
  • Notes of citrus and earth on the nose, with caramel on the palate and a dry bitterness on the finish
  • Pair with lamb or spicy curries

Duvel Tripel Hop

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Duvel Tripel Hop is brewed with three hop varieties and each year the third hop is changed to provide its own unique taste and aroma. For the 2017 vintage, Tripel Hop fans across the world were called to vote on their favourite. The Citra won and is now released as the best Tripel Hop ever for 2017.

  • By using three instead of two hop varieties to brew, additional hop aromas are obtained and an increased bitterness is achieved
  • The typical Duvel palate (using Saaz-saaz and Styrian Golding hops) is enriched with Citra hops providing notes of citrus and tropical fruits
  • Citra hops are added again during dry hopping, extracting additional hop aromas into the beer
  • The higher aromatic intensity rounds out the beer, backing the final alcohol content of 9.5%

Drifter Brewing Co Hoptunia IPA

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Inspired by Oregon, the land of fresh hops, Hoptunia is the freshest an IPA can come. By using 20 kilograms of whole cone wet hops, this beer is more subtle and earthy than the usual bitter IPA. It is filled with autumn citrus fruit notes and a slight pine overtone.

  • Sunshine gold in colour
  • Fresh sweet citrus fruit aroma with zesty peel and subtle pine resin notes
  • Fruity flavour with a hint of toasted malt
  • Blend of SAB wet hops