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This Month's Mixed Case - November - Cheers To The BOKKE!

By the time you read this, the World Cup final will have been played but we’re making a prediction right now, South Africa by 12! Were we right? We seriously hope so but if not I think we can all agree that Japan’s World Cup was absolutely epic. With rugby, summer, braai and (hopefully) a third World Cup title in mind, we’ve put together an awesome line up of beers for the month of November. We’ve got some old, some new, some green, some black and one questionably named cat.

As we slide in the second half of this championship case, we crack a beer that needs no introduction, Little Wolf’s mighty Hoppy Wheat. From there we sail into territory that we thought was long since forgotten with a Black IPA collab before finishing off with the brewery that sells more caps than anyone at the annual Cape Town Fest, De Poes. It’s another legendary mixed case and we’d like to see what you liked best, so join us this month on @TastingLeague on all social media platforms. Until next month, bottoms up and cheers to the Bokke on another World Cup win (please, please, please)!

Lakeside Impi Collab Brew Dark Warrior Black IPA Can, 340ml

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A collaboration brew between IMPI and Lakeside Brewing Co, well-hopped black IPA. The African bush is a magical and extraordinary place where the beating of the African drum resounds to the heartbeat of our continent, truly an enigmatic and special place.

This IPA is just as special and dark, as the African star-studded night. Savour the Black IPA next to a crackling fire.

  • Appearance: Dark and dangerous
  • Aroma: Dark chocolate and coffee with a touch of citrus 
  • Flavour: Dark chocolate and lime with a smooth bitter finish
  • Mouthfeel: Smooth and stout-like

De Poes Export Belgian Pilsner

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This De Poes Export Belgian Pilsner is an easy drinking, unfiltered Pilsner that has been refermented in the bottle to ensure subtle, natural carbonation that will leave you wanting more. 

  • A blond low-fermentation beer
  • It has a light barley flavour and is slightly malty
  • Easy drinking, unfiltered Pilsner and refermented in the bottle for subtle natural carbonation

Boston Premium Lager Can, 330ml

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An everyday beer for an everyday person. Naturally brewed. Naturally better. There's a definite malty sweetness on the aroma of this full-flavoured Lager. A brazen, rounded maltiness gives the beer a great balance, leaving a highly drinkable everyday beer for everyday food - think pork, burgers, pizza and meatier fish varieties such as Tuna or Monkfish. 

  • Appearance: Clear gold
  • Aroma: Toasted malt and straw
  • Flavour: Warm, sweet malt with a snappy, grassy hop bite
  • Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied and smooth

Kas Bier Weiss, 440ml

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This Bavarian styled Weissbier is made with great care in Nelson Mandela Bay. Using only the best imported German ingredients of wheat, barley, hops and yeast, we have produced a seriously unserious Weissbier. When poured correctly, a chilled Kas Bier Weiss should have a foamy head which should give off a subtle banana aroma. When the first sip hits your tongue you should get some citrus flavours coupled with wheat maltiness. Wait a few seconds and you’ll notice a lingering after taste of bubblegum. 

  • Kas Bier Weiss is an unfiltered light-bodied, easy-drinking beer with light wheat maltiness and banana aroma
  • Lightly hopped, it will never be bitter but will leave traces of bubblegum flavour lingering in the back of your mouth
  • Expect a pale golden hue in your glass topped with a frothy white head
  • World Beer Awards South African winner for Bavarian Hefeweizen 2019

Cann-O-Bliss Cannabis Lager, 330ml

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Stellenbosch Brewing brought the cousins Hops and Cannabis together in a family reunion of flavour in a light refreshing lager. The floral grassiness of the hops lifts the citrusy terpenes in the cannabidiol while the fruity, tropical notes of the marula mirror the hop aromatics and malt flavours to bring this NEW AGE beer to life. P.S. no this beer will not make you high, it contains no THC.

  • Appearance: Sunshine yellow
  • Aroma: Floral and grassiness with a touch of marula and blackcurrant
  • Flavour: Black currant and citrus with an earthy malt backbone
  • Mouthfeel: Medium to light in body with low carbonation

Little Wolf Brewery Hoppy Wheat

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This American take on a wheat ale is brewed using heaps of mosaic hops and it's fermented with a neutral yeast. The mild bitterness and gentle malt character take a back seat to the tangerine, papaya and gooseberry aromas, from this new-world hop.

  • American wheat ale
  • Thick, foamy head
  • Fruity and refreshing 
  • Flavours of mango, honey and gooseberry

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