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That sweet spot where design meets function? We're always looking for it — and you'll find it in each item in our carefully curated range of furniture and decor. Need a WFH style upgrade? Rugs and wall art to refresh the living room? Clever, stylish storage solutions to suit your space? We've got plenty of options — from trendy to timeless. Browse design and decor details that wow.

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Upgrade your home office Working from home?

Whether you're a seasoned freelancer or you're simply working from home for now, we're here to help. Shop our home office range to kit out and style your work space so you can start ticking off tasks on your to-do list. Productivity, check.

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Popstrukt flat-packed furniture

Yuppiechef Top Pick Popstrukt flat-packed furniture

These powder-coated steel beauties in rich, modern tones all come compactly flat-packed with step-by-step assembly instructions. Whether you need a chest of drawers or you’re looking for a fun bedside table, Popstrukt’s got a variety of tall, short, slim and wide clever storage solutions — have a browse and pop your favourite in the cart.

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Stylish home storage Bye, clutter! See you never.

Clutter's got nothing on our range of storage solutions for every little tidbit that needs a neat spot. From locally made baskets woven with feel-good fibres, to sturdy crates and bright ideas for storing clothes — browse our selection of quality tidy-uppers that'll help you keep it all organised.

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Heaven s(c)ent home fragrances

Diffusers & room sprays Heaven s(c)ent home fragrances

Elevate your space with a refreshing burst of fragrance or create comfort with a calming scent. Our premium range of ultrasonic diffusers can mist your choice of essential oils into the room or you can opt for a reed diffuser or room spray to keep every spot pleasantly perfumed.

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Lechuza Self-Watering Planters

Plants that practically take care of themselves! Lechuza Self-Watering Planters

These innovative planters come with an integrated self-watering system to keep your herbs, flowers and other shrubs perfectly hydrated — you just need to refill the reservoir every so often. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit any space, Lechuza's planters are an effortlessly clever way to bring a bit of the outside in.

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Smart home products

Get hands-free help around the house

With virtual helpers from Google, Apple and Amazon, home living just got a little easier. Whether you want to switch on your music playlist while you're cooking, make a phone call while unpacking groceries, check the weather before you step out, get recipe inspiration in an instant, or even dim the lights, our range of smart home tech and connected living products gives you a voice-activated virtual assistant to help manage your home every step of the way.

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