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Read course first on theory level & then second time more on practical level

Aparna Verma | 23 Nov 2016 in Cooking School | 2 Responses

hello Sarah,
this is the best thing that could happen to me.I very much wanted to start baking in my new samsung convection oven. & this course of yours looks jiust the right thing for me .
So, what i plan to do now is - first read through the entire modules/ chapters once to get a quick understanding of what baking/biscuits/cakes/icing/pastry etc is all about. Also, to understand better the equipment & the raw material required to fully do the course.
next i'll ensure i have all at hand, & then do a second reading of the entire course in deep details .
Possible to do this ??

Thanks a lot.
In advance.


2 Answers

Angela Hawkey answered on 24 Nov 2016

Hi Aparna, welcome to our online cooking school. You can definitely do that - once you have access to a course, you can pop into and out of the lessons as many times as you want. Happy baking, enjoy!

Aparna Verma answered on 01 Dec 2016

Thank you Sarah.
I have gone once through the course- in a quick manner .Now i will get into details .

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