Cooking with Kids

Yuppiechef is a food community offering you the tools, ingredients and the inspiration to cook real food at home for the people you love.

Join us on this 7 week email series and get recipes that you and your kids will love cooking together and the know-how that will start a great kitchen adventure.

  • Week 1 - Start the great kitchen adventure and get your kids baking
  • Week 2 - The secret to successful suppers: let the kids make them
  • Week 3 - Solve breakfasts with healthy options for all tastes
  • Week 4 - Fun, quick and healthy snacks
  • Week 5 - Possibly the best thing you can bake with your kids
  • Week 6 - Cooking for the holidays: Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day and more…
  • Week 7 - Get your kids out of their comfort zone: sushi, curries and more…