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Enter a place where cake and dessert decorations have never gone before, with Edible Sugar Lace Cupcake Toppers. This delicate lace will turn your cupcakes into professional masterpieces. Not only does this lace look beautiful, it also tastes good. Choose from flowers, ribbons, stars or hearts. These are the perfect decoration for any birthday or celebration.

  • Edible sugar lace ideal for decorating cakes & cupcakes
  • Perfect for adding a professional touch to any birthday or celebration
  • Set of 6 toppersĀ 
  • Ingredients: Thickener E466, Colourings E 171, Cornstarch, Maltodextrin, Sugar, Calcium Carbonate,Xanthan Gum, Agar-Agar, Permitted Colour, Antifungal AgentĀ 



  • Cupcake: 55mm x 60mm
  • Butterfly: 60mm x 50mm
  • Rose: 55mm x 70mm
  • Ribbon: 60mm x 50mm
  • Flower: 55mm x 55mm
  • Marakesh: 65mm x 65mm
  • Star: 65mm x 65mm
  • Heart: 70mm x 55mm
Edible Sugar Lace

Edible Cupcake Topper

Set of 6
Code: CCT 003
Feature: Marakesh Code: CCT 006
x R12.00
Feature: Heart Code: CCT 008
x R12.00
Feature: Ribbon Code: CCT 004
x R12.00
Feature: Flower Code: CCT 005
x R12.00
Feature: Cupcake Code: CCT 001
x R12.00
Feature: Butterfly Code: CCT OO2
x R12.00
Feature: Star Code: CCT 007
x R12.00
Feature: Rose Code: CCT 003
x R12.00

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