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Each day, from the 30th of March to the 3rd of April, we asked customers to crack our Easter riddles and win great daily voucher prizes, plus the chance to win Le Creuset Cast Iron Cookware, in our exclusive Matte Navy colour, worth R15,000! We're sorry you missed it.

Solutions for this year's riddles below

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Answer: ShooAway Fly Repellent Fan

It’s riddle time again, oh how time flies
(The first clue is that this product has something to do with ‘flies’)
And away we go with down under supplies
(The word ‘away’ alludes to the product name, and ‘down under’ is a clue to this products Australian origin)
We trust you won’t be repelled by any clue
(This product repels flies, and the word repellent is in the title)
Even when you find out that we misspelled shoe
(‘shoe’ sounds like ‘shoo’, which is the first word in the product name)

If you like these riddles, you could say you’re a fan
(This product is also a fan)
But if these rhymes bug you, don’t use a spray can
(This fan is better at getting rid of bugs than spays)
This first one’s easy, and not harmful at all
(This is an easy and safe way to keep flies, bees and insects away from you)
Unless of course you’re incredibly small
(A final clue that this is to help you get rid of insects, who are by nature, incredibly small)

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Answer: Yuppiechef FOMOBOX

I’m like a washing powder that has a fail on it
(OMO with an F is FOMO)
I’m like a strong beast with a bee in its bonnet
(An OX with a B is BOX)
We’ll deliver an obvious clue so you can crack the case
(A box is like a case)
To avoid fear of missing out the hints that we place
(FOMO means ‘fear of missing out’)

We see you rate this product well
(‘see’ stands for C, ‘you’ for U, which when put with ‘rate’, makes the sentence read: ‘we curate this product well’.)
But what it is, is hard to tell
(The nature of the FOMOBOX is that you never know what you’re going to get)
Thirty one, thirty, twenty nine, twenty eight
(The amount of days in months, a clue to the fact that this is a monthly box)
Quality food that you anticipate
(A final clue that this is food, but because it’s monthly, you’ll need to wait for it)

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Answer: The T Shirt Bed Company Scandinavian White Duvet Cover Set

Take a trip to Denmark, Norway and Sweden
(These countries form Scandinavia, a region which inspired this product)
Without leaving the room you tend to sleep in
(This product has something to do with a bed)
Whether you’re a queen or king
(A reference to the various sizes of duvets)
Enjoy the ultra-chic feel of a luxurious thing
(This company’s bedding is renowned for its luxurious and ultra-chic feel)

You’d be muddled to say the company is third best
(‘is third best’ is an anagram of ‘t shirt bed’)
For their overdue vet witch stands out from the rest
(‘overdue vet witch’ is an anagram of ‘white duvet cover’)
If you cotton onto clues without a sweat
(The duvet is 100% cotton – and it’s cool in summer so you’re unlikely to sweat)
You’ll follow the threads and be all set
(A final clue that this is material and part of a set)

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Answer: Betty Bossi Apple Grater

Best enjoy this trickiest yet
Because only super sleuths inspect
All punctuation, paragraphs, letters, exclamations
Get right all tips, expect realisations
(Whilst there are indeed some red herrings in there, if you do scrutinise the words a bit, you’re realise all the first letters of each word in each sentence spell: BETTY BOSSI APPLE GRATER)

But for those who think conventional clues are great
(The first conventional clue is the sound of the word ‘great’ meaning ‘grate’)
Then stay away from the doc with Veronica’s mate
(To stay away from the doctor you need an apple a day, and Veronica’s friend in the Archie comics was Betty)
And soon the answer will be overbearing
(Another word for ‘overbearing’ is ‘bossy’ - which sounds like ‘bossi’)
You’ll get to the core without the red herring
(A core is another reference to the fruit being an apple)

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Answer: Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Cube Portable Braai

Ever wanted a compact fire?
(This product is a portable braai)
Very neat, with colours to inspire?
(It’s described as being practical and easy to clean, with stylish and contemporary colours)
Even a board on which to chop?
(It has an integrated bamboo chopping board)
Regardless of any destination you stop?
(It’s easy to transport so it’s a perfect companion for a braai on the beach, or a picnic or whilst camping)

Don’t look any further than that creative bald man
(It’s made by the famously creative hairless chef)
Under whom the fat duck ran
(Heston Blumenthal runs the Fat Duck restaurant)
Residue from carbon will help do the deed
(This braai uses charcoal, which is residue from black carbon)
Examine the first letters if you still need a lead
(The first letters of each sentence spell Everdure)

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