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Cuisinart Cordless Salt, Pepper & Spice Mill

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Product Info

This stylish, rechargeable Seasoning Mill lets you season your recipes at the touch of a button. With no need for batteries, it’s super lightweight — simply flip the mill to switch between salt and pepper. Part of Cuisinart's Style Collection, it will look great on your worktop or dining table. Keep it in its charging stand (which catches loose grinds to keep your surfaces clean) so it's always ready for action.

  • Rechargeable seasoning mill — you'll never need to replace the batteries
  • A full charge gives approximately 20 minutes of continuous use
  • With 2 easily removable containers, you can fill the mill with your choice of salt, pepper, herbs or spices and adjust the grind setting for fine or coarse results
  • Great for one-handed use while cooking — simple one-touch operation
  • Built-in measuring cap fits directly onto the mill so you can easily grind the perfect amount to add to recipes during cooking
  • Fully adjustable, ultra-precise grind control for fine to coarse results
  • Long life, professional ceramic grinding plates
  • Light indicates when fully charged
  • Removable grind tray collects excess grinds in the base of the charging stand, keeping work surfaces clean

Please note:

  • This product is meant for coarse salt only, please replace the salt if it has pulled through humidity
  • It is recommended to use Kalahari or Himalayan salt, not sea salt

Charging the unit:

  • The unit is properly charging if the red LED illuminates on the charging base
  • When the unit is fully charged, the LED indicator will change to blue
  • Before first use, the battery must be charged for 12 hours. If batteries should run down completely, it will take between 8 and 12 hours to fully recharge them
  • Normally, you won’t run batteries down completely, since the running time with a full charge is up to 20 minutes. It varies depending on your usage, but most grinding tasks take around 5 seconds
  • The unit is designed so that the battery may remain on continuous charge
  • It is recommended that the Seasoning Mill charger be kept plugged into a wall socket, so that the mill will always be ready to use. Leaving the unit on continuous charge is inexpensive in terms of the amount of electricity being used
  • Use only with the charger provided with the appliance. Do not attempt to use this charger with any other product. Likewise, do not attempt to charge this appliance with any other charger
  • The batteries hold most of their charge even when not plugged in and charging, losing only about 30% of total charge per month


Beautiful, functional kitchen appliances since 1973

Cuisinart knows that throwing a dinner party, cooking for a special occasion or even having friends over for an impromptu get-together can be a daunting task. But when you have the right tools at hand, it’s easy to rustle up something delicious, which is why they’ve developed a range of high quality appliances that can take the strain in the kitchen and give you the confidence to try new things.


  • Run time: 20 minutes
  • Battery: NiMH
  • Grinding plates: Ceramic
  • Grind setting: 5 positions
  • Body design: Painted stainless steel
  • Salt & pepper container material: BPA-free plastic
  • Dimensions 25.5cm H x 9cm L x 11cm D
  • Weight: 520g


  • Power connection: Cordless rechargeable

Care Instructions

  • Clean the mill and base by simply wiping all parts with a damp cloth and thoroughly drying
  • Don't expose the appliance to moisture
  • Don't use detergents to clean it
  • To clean the grinding chambers, simply unlock the container, remove and wash with warm soapy water. Dry thoroughly and replace
  • To clear a peppercorn that is stuck in the grinding wheel you may either:
    • Turn the mill upside down and shake gently while pressing the On/Off power button
    • Turn the mill upside down and position the grind selector to coarse, then hold over a plate and grind until peppercorn is dislodged
  • Never use moist or wet spices in the mill
  • In some instances, grinds can become lodged between the metal spindle in each of the grind containers and the main power unit. If this happens, the unit will not function. The motor will not start when the On/Off button is pressed
  • To dislodge loose grinds, remove each of the removable grind containers in turn and shake the main power unit to release any loose grinds. There is no need to empty the containers. Replace the grind containers and use as normal
  • If the salt is getting stuck: Please turn the adjustable dial for a smaller grind

Warranty Info

  • This product comes with a 3-year warranty

Customer Reviews & Ratings

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5 out of 5 stars

Best automatic mill ever!!!


Item reviewed: Pearl Grey

Review by Anonymous on 28 January 2022, 31 days after purchase

Verified Owner

This mill is absolutely amazing!!! I would highly recommend it!

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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4 out of 5 stars

Colours are deceiving but am enjoying it


Item reviewed: Pearled Dark Blue

Review by Ashley W. on 2 February 2022, 5 days after purchase

Verified Owner

I initially ordered the pearl grey which is a lot pinker than the pictures show. Both sides 'mill' at the same time so you will have some mess when using, particularly when using the pepper as then the salt sits in the charger.

I would recommend this product to a friend.

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

4 out of 5 stars

Pretty cool product

Item reviewed: Pearled Dark Blue

Review by Paul P. on 11 February 2022, 15 days after purchase

Verified Owner

It does what it says on the label and grinds a good amount of seasoning in a short time. It also looks pretty cool. It could do with bigger reservoirs, you need to refill it pretty often. I've only had it for a week or two, we'll have to see how long the battery lasts. So far, I like it.

I would recommend this product to a friend.

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

5 out of 5 stars

Very good. Even the French can manage it when they try..


Item reviewed: Pearl Grey

Review by Jeanne P. on 24 May 2022, 13 days after purchase

Verified Owner

The condiment fastenings need to be firmer — perhaps a clicking sound when it's locked?

I would recommend this product to a friend.

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

1 out of 5 stars



Item reviewed: Pearl Grey

Review by Lloyd H. on 30 January 2023, 3 months after purchase

Verified Owner

Low battery hold, poor grinder function on both salt and pepper and it eventually just stopped working after 3 months.

I would not recommend this product to a friend.

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

Reply by Yuppiechef

Admin reply

We're sorry we got it wrong this time around, and hope you've used your voucher to find something that suits you better.


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