The Weber was designed in 1951 by George Stephen, the founder of Weber-Stephen Products Co. His kettle-shaped grill sparked a revolution and in one bold design idea, tackled the problem of flat, open grills exposing food to wind and ashes.

George worked as a welder at Weber Brothers Metal Works outside Chicago, and spent time working with large metal spheres for buoys. It was in these spheres that were his inspiration and the trigger to his realisation that a rounded cooking bowl with a lid would help people braai better. He added three legs on the bottom - making it look rather a lot like our traditional potja handle - and a handle on the top for good measure and the rest is history.

Consumers loved the new braai and George couldn't make them fast enough to meet the explosion in demand. The famous Weber shape quickly became synonymous with tasty food and is an icon in American design.

In 1985, Weber expanded their range to include gas grills, offering consumers new levels of convenience without sacrificing quality or flavour. Recently, they have introduced portable baby Webers (like the Smokey Joe) for easy carrying and urban braaing.

Over the years, Weber has maintained a fantastic level of quality and care in their manufacturing and are extremely durable and easy to assemble.