What is the Wonderbag?

If you’ve been hanging around these parts of late, you’ll have noticed that we have a little soft spot for the Wonderbag. There’s good reason for it. This large, loud (and by that we mean colourful), pillow-shaped cooker has revolutionised slow cooking. It’s also brought safe, easy cooking to millions of underprivileged homes across Africa. Want more? Here’s the skinny.


What is a Wonderbag?

Simply put, the Wonderbag is a well insulated bag which cooks food long after the heat source has been removed. Made with colourful shwe-shwe fabric and lined with a more resistant fabric, this bag includes a toggle for more convenient closing. The original Wonderbag is insulated with PU foam with a fire retardant solid foam base.

You can see more about how it works, but what’s more important is the fact that your pot of food only needs power for a short time and can then cook unattended over the course of the work day or overnight in the warmth of the Wonderbag. Cheap cuts of meat and root veggies can be turned into a filling, hearty stew or soup with just a few minutes on the stove and several hours unattended.


What does it mean for society?

What this means is that in poorer homes, where fuel, water and resources are at a premium, they can save a huge amount by using the Wonderbag – up to 30% of an annual household income can be saved in fuel alone. There’s also the safety aspect. When you use a propane stove or a cook fire, cooking unattended is both dangerous and expensive in fuel. Cheap fuel can also cause respiratory problems and regularly starts fires – using the Wonderbag circumvents both of these issues.


The big leagues

The biggest thing about the Wonderbag? They’ve created a programme whereby we can donate an electricity-free slow cooker to underprivileged homes across Africa, helping to empower us to help others. To date, the Wonderbag is in 600,000 African homes (for every Wonderbag bought in the UK a bag is donated).

Environmental impact

Using the Wonderbag also reduces our dependence on fuel sources, from electricity and propane to firewood. This reduces cost and strain on the environment, reducing CO2 emissions and reducing deforestation.


The impact of the Wonderbag and their donation programme is far reaching. How grand would it be to be a part of something bigger? Plus it will save you copious amounts of electricity too. It’s a win win Wonderbag for everybody.

Read up on how the Wonderbag works in step by step instructions.