Top kitchen tools of 2012

Feeling nostalgic about 2012? Amidst a year of olympic jubilation and financial face lifts, these kitchen tools snuck to the front line. Some are legends, some are newbies and all are making waves. Join us, folks, as we take a walk through last year’s hall of kitchen tool fame.

Top tools of 2012

1. Mode Fridge Monkey

Sometimes simple innovation makes the most waves and these tiny, rippled, plastic ones on the Fridge Monkey keep your drinks neatly stacked for refreshment after a good day’s work.

The mode fridge monkey is the top tool of 2012

2. Barrett’s Ridge Beer Bread

Fancy some home-baked bread with minimal fuss? It’s no small wonder that these beer breads made their debut into the top ten list. He’s your lazy Sunday lunch’s next best guest. Great for giving, even better for eating.

beer bread makes the top tools list

3. Kitchen Craft 5-blade Herb Scissors

This 5 blade time-saver maintained its popularity with the herb snipping community. Let the herb scissors make light work of dinner time and garden harvest preservation.

Herb scissors makes the top tools list for 2012

4. Nicoletta Ready-to-Roll Fondant Icing

Bakers across SA delighted at the easy accessibility of Nicoletta’s Fondant Icing. Homemade cakes can now be smooth and detailed – just roll out, cut, stamp, drape, and you’re done.

Nicoletta fondant makes the top tools list for 2012

5. Fusionbrands PoachPod Egg Poacher Set

This effortless and quick-to-clean poacher set made many an egg fan happy as peas in grease free pods.

Poach pods by Fusionbrands makes the top tools list

6. KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

Some old faithfuls stand the test of time. Nearly every baker dreams of a bright and bold KitchenAid and it seems many wishes were granted in 2012. Monica, in Friends, has a majestic yellow one. Which colour would you choose?

KitchenAid makes the top tools list for 2012

7. Kitchen Craft Avocado Saver & Holder

Let’s face it, we are a nation of avocado loving people and so, three cheers to Kitchen Craft for inventing the Avo Saver. May all the leftovers of our omega enriched avo halves live to be eaten another day.

Avo Saver makes the top tools list of 2012

8. Gefu Spirelli Spiral Julienne Slicer

We’ve almost spiralled out of control in adoration of the Spirelli and it seems so have you.  Here’s to night vision and meandering marrows.

Gefu Spirelli makes the top tools list or 2012

9. Zoku Trio Quick Pop Maker

The Zoku Trio Quick Pop Maker topped the ice cream charts. With ice lollies made in just seven minutes, it’s the business for those who like their lollies fast and furiously frozen. Roll on summer.

Zoku Quick Pop maker makes it to the top tools list for 2012

10. Sweetly Does It Silicone Cake Pop Pan, 20 holes

Cake on a stick shook the sugar last year and this Silicone Cake Pop Pan was every bakers key to bite size freedom.

Cake Pop pan makes it to the top tools list of 2012

And there we have it, this is the list that buttered our bread in 2012. Were you lucky enough to receive one of these culinary heroes?

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