How to make a summer Pimm’s cocktail

Did you know that Pimm’s was invented by a farmer’s son named Pimm and was first served as an aid to digestion? True story. Loved by many a Wimbledon fan, we’ve taken this drink and added a few tooty fruits, white wine and lemonade. Here’s how to make it.

Summer pimms cooler cocktail

Ingredients (for a jug, approximately 4-6 people):

125ml Pimm’s
2 glasses of sauvignon blanc
Fresh summer fruit (as much as desired)
Fresh mint (as much as desired)
Lemonade (we used our Sodastream and added lemonade syrup)
Crushed ice

Ingredients for a summer pimms cooler

1. Grab yourself a jug and fill it half way with ice.
2. Add half a cup (125ml) of Pimm’s no.1, then 2 glasses of your favourite sauvignon blanc.
3. Chop up a good variety of summer fruits (peaches, strawberries, cucumber and mint work well).

Chopping fruit for summer pimms cooler

4. Mix all the ingredients inside the jug with a long-handled spoon.
5. Using your Sodastream, conjure up a quick lemonade. Insert a Sodastream bottle, filled with cold water, into the Sodastream. Fizz for the desired amount of carbonation before adding your lemonade syrup.

Using a Soda Stream machine

6. Add a touch more ice to the jug and top up with your freshly-made Sodastream lemonade.

Garnishing a summer pimms cooler cocktail

The epitome of summer, this one.

Summer pimms cooler

Game, set, match.

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