How to use it: Mont Rouge Olive Caviar

Every once in a while we hop, skip and jump across a product that requires explaining. You can imagine the size of our foodie microscope for Olive Caviar from Mont Rouge. What is this nifty, new pantry item? How does one use it? Read on, dear foodies.

How to use Mont-rouge-olive-caviar

The texture is slightly sticky, but mostly dry and crumbly. The olives have been dried, minced and mixed with garlic, herbs as well as some salt for added flavour. So make sure to add a little at a time and taste first before upping the ante, so you get the right balance.


How to use it:

  • Stir it through pasta or add it to sauces
  • Add it to wet ingredients before mixing it into bread dough for a tasty olive loaf
  • Use it to top pizza as a seasoning
  • Mix into pizza sauces before spreading on the base
  • Slice some cheese and top a crostini, then sprinkle with olive caviar


If you stumble across anymore wonderful uses for this neat food gem, drop us line. We like learning.

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