Introducing LifeStraw: clean water for you and a lifeline for others

You may have access to clean water, maybe you drink it out of the tap. Lucky you. If you haven’t thought about your good fortune before, this is a good opportunity to do so, and if you live in an area where water safety is questionable or you are planning a trip to far or not-so-far lands where even brushing your teeth in tap water isn’t advised, it’s time to listen up and learn about LifeStraw.


Why is LifeStraw so awesome?

LifeStraw is a range of water filters that, simply put, have the power to take any water (yes, even a dirty-muddy-puddle-type water or a muddy slush of cow dung) and turn it into clean and safe drinking water. Just read that sentence again. It’s true.

LifeStraw was originally developed as a way of providing drinkable water to disaster areas in times of emergency, but their current range brings this award-winning technology into our own homes and communities. This technology can literally be life-changing, whether you are going to Thailand, live in an area with not-so-great water or know of a community or school whose main struggle is access to clean and safe water.


Clean and safe water is yours for the drinking

The LifeStraw filtration system, a straw-like tube that filters water straight from the source, requires no electrical power, batteries, replacement parts or running water supply. No matter which LifeStraw product you choose, the LifeStraw reduces plastic and water wastage by replacing bottled water and is BPA and chemical free. It’s almost too good to be true. Seriously, phone a friend living in Zambia and tell them of this invention and they probably won’t believe you.


How to choose which LifeStraw product suits you

  • Personal Water Filter Straw | This is a super-light and compact tube that is used to drink directly from a water source, be it a river, dam or muddy puddle. Going travelling or know someone who is? Love river rafting? This is the one. It’s also the one for communities (think school children) who struggle daily with safe water.
  • Go Water Filter Bottle | This is a lightweight, refillable, water bottle. It’s ideal if you are travelling or hiking (it has a nifty carabineer to hook onto your backback) but is also equally good for the school run, work or to take to the gym. Simply fill it and drink when thirst strikes.
  • Home Water Purifying Unit | This is the big guy you will need if clean water (without plastic bottles) is a dream of yours for your home, school or office. It is refillable and sits on your countertop.


Saving the environment one plastic water bottle at a time

Using a LifeStraw has the added benefit of saving you the money you might have otherwise spent on plastic bottles of water. For every litre of bottled water, 3 litres of water were needed to just make it in the production process. With a LifeStraw unit in your home or the Go Bottle by your side, you can refill as often as needed with a clear conscience that you’re not putting a drain on the already limited water supplies.

Buy one, donate one

Now for the best bit. For every single LifeStraw product purchased, one Go Bottle will be donated to a person in need. It’s that simple. It’s that awesome.

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So, if clean drinking water and peace of mind matters to you – no matter where you are – and you want your water purification choice to have a bigger impact on someone else’s access to clean water, a LifeStraw product is the most powerful way you can vote for clean water.