Burger night made simple

Burgers tick a lot of boxes. If everyone can agree on the juicy patty, then everything else — from relish to tangy mayo, leaves or no greens, bun or low carb —  allows much room for personal optimisation. And since we don’t think we’ll ever stop being hungry for burgers, we think eat-in burger nights are the way forward. Here’s how to tackle burger-making at home for the ultimate in make-it-yourself feasts.


Burger patty recipe:

Try to get the best quality mince possible — it really elevates the burger patty status. Our bet would be to try your nearest market to get some straight from the source.

500 g lean beef mince
15 ml chopped parsley
15 ml chopped coriander
1 tsp ground coriander
2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp whole grain mustard
½ onion, finely chopped
Salt and black pepper to taste


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If you’re a little bored of beef, there are many other minced meats to experiment with. Give these a go, and then who knows – you could even make chicken burgers.

What burger size are you going with?

Large crowds are better suited to mini burgers, or sliders. You’ll get 8–10 from the first recipe listed above. And you can use this mini burger press to get them to equal size.
If it’s just a few of you then make them as full size burgers. That will yield about 4–6 patties from the same recipe. Here’s a neat burger press for full sized patties.

Kitchen Craft Mini Burger Press

Here’s how you cook this together:

Whether you want to have a low key night in (yes burgers can be romantic), or are opening your home to friends and family burger making is a social endeavour that requires all hands on deck.

Burger team 1

Approach burger night much in the same manner as you would pizza night. Team one, or person one deals with the rolls and the patties. Make room near the stove, get your patty ingredients ready and get busy on:

  • Making the patty mixture
  • Pressing or shaping them to size using a burger press or your hands
  • Frying the patties in a frying pan in batches
  • Cutting the rolls
  • Buttering the rolls
  • Toasting the rolls in the oven


Burger team 2

This team, or person busies themselves with the burger garnishing. They should be near the fridge and have reign of the kitchen island as they layout the burger bar. Their tasks involve:

  • Washing the lettuce
  • Slicing tomatoes
  • Making any relish
  • Getting all the condiments ready
  • Slicing the cheese

If any sides are to be made, we suggest team 2 does the prep, so slicing onions or cutting potato wedges and then hands them over to team 1 for deep frying or roasting.

Best burger sides

A really decent burger that isn’t skimped upon in any way is probably filling enough as it is, but remember we said burger nights should be saved for only the most savage of hungers. So, pick a side? Any side will do.


Don’t forget the beers and you’re good to go. Have a happy burger day.