Do you want to design our next card and magnet?

Summer is within reach and we are on the search for a new card and magnet design for the season of ice lollies, beach days, long lazy lunches and family get togethers. So, whether you love to paint, sketch, illustrate, finger paint or cross stitch, we want to hear from you.

YC - December Card & Magnet Design- A Community Competition Spatula Article Image

If you’ve been onboard this Yuppiechef ship a while, you’ll know that every single Yuppiechef order is sent into the world with a handwritten card and magnet so the winning Picasso could well travel the world. In the past, our designs have been created by our in-house design superstars as well as Patrick Latimer and Tatjana Buisson.

What you need to do

  • Be inspired by these words: summer, fun, cooking, eating together, kitchen tools (your design doesn’t have to cover all of them!).
  • Come up with two designs, one for a card and one for a magnet. The two designs need to tie in with each other by way of a theme but they shouldn’t be the same.
  • The designs can be created in any medium (i.e. painted, sketched, digitally illustrated… the list goes on) but must be an original artwork of your own, free for us to use on our cards and magnets.
  • All designs must be submitted in high res format and using these downloadable templates. Here are the templates for your card and magnet design.
  • Send your designs to by 13 October 2014.

Whether the tone is funny (we love a good laugh), cheeky, cute, practical or inspirational is entirely up to you. Take a look at the gallery below to see some of our previous card and magnet sets. The winning artist will be credited on the cards and who knows, we may just make you a little bit famous.

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Closing date for submissions: 13 October 2014
Send to:
Winner will be announced on 1 December 2014

Go on, surprise us, folks.