Most chefs will tell you that the most important thing in the kitchen is passion, followed closely by a good sharp knife which will become an extension of your arm and best friend.

We've searched the world for the best in kitchen slicing tools, and have a selection of over fifteen international knife and knife accessory brands including Wusthof, Global and Victorinox and have an extensive selection of sharp gear to help you on your way to kitchen greatness.

A proper chef's knife is where most epic knife collections begin. These handy, classically shaped knives will make light of all your basic food preparation tasks, like chopping herbs and slicing fresh ingredients. After gearing up with one of these, the specialised knife world is your oyster - from paring and peeling knives to speciality knives for filleting and cleaving, boards and blockssharpeners and steels and more.

You wouldn't steal a car. You wouldn't pirate a DVD. But would you live your whole life without they joy of cutting with a chef quality knife?