More about KitchenAid

KitchenAid was started by The Hobart Corporation in the 1900s to produce stand mixers for industrial and - as they realised the demand - home use. Starting with mixers, they diversified to produce a range of quality home and kitchen appliances.

The model "K" stand mixer is one of their most famous products. Its silhouette is trademarked and if you’ve watched food TV at all in the last five years you’ve probably seen one as they grace the screens of celebrity chefs the world over (inlcuding Julia Child and Martha Stewart). In 1997 it was selected as an icon of American design by the the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and it one of the most popular items on Yuppiechef registries and wish lists.

KitchenAid’s stand mixer designs have changed little since the introduction of the streamlined model “K” range in the 1930s and every model since has allowed for cross-generational attachment compatibility (meaning old attachments can be use on modern mixers). The wide range of KitchenAid accessories available, from meat grinders and sausage stuffers, to ice cream bowls and pasta rollers make it a versatile kitchen helper indeed.

KitchenAid don't stop at mixers - you can grind your own coffee beans using the Burr Grinder, and make a fresh cup o’ joe in the beautiful KitchenAid Espresso machine. By providing the perfect temperature water, and including a milk steamer, a perfect flat white is just minutes away. And the cool retro styling? We’re all over that.

One of the oldest kitchen appliance brands in the world, KitchenAid has years of experience backing up their incredible machines. With brilliant after sales service, beautiful, retro-styled machines, and a huge range of colours, attachments and machines, you could co-ordinate your whole kitchen with KitchenAid - and wouldn’t that be something.