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Product Information

Making authentic wood-fired pizzas at home just got a whole lot easier. If you are without a pizza igloo in your back garden, an answer is here in the form of the ceramic Earthfire pizza oven. It's small, travels well, and whips up perfectly crispy pizzas oozing with cheese quickly and easily.

  • Portable pizza oven with lid
  • High temperature and porous pizza plate ensure crispy results
  • 30 minute warm up time and cooks a pizza in 3 minutes
  • Uses wood or charcoal and can maintain a heat of 350°C for hours on one fire
  • Makes pizzas of up to 34cm in diameter
  • Pizza stone made from high quality ceramic
  • Stainless steel grid doubles up as a handy portable braai
  • Popping on the lid turns it into a BBQ or a smoker
  • Includes a steel pizza peel, for transferring cooked and uncooked pizzas to and from the hot stone without touching it
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions and recipes, a grill rack, the pizza oven stand, a ceramic grate and an ash catcher


Product Specs

  • Pizza stone dimensions: D 34cm x H 18cm

Product Care

  • Do not get the pizza stone wet, it will absorb water and crack
  • Scrape burnt on food off with an oven-safe palette knife
  • If necessary wipe with a dry cloth

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars from 28 reviews
28 out of 28 people would recommend this product
Tamsin S.

"Best pizza ever!"

I make a ton of pizza and this is the best way to cook it! The oven is extremely versatile - can be used for pizza and normal braaing, making it a must-have for anyone without a built-in braai.

It is also portable to a certain extent, depending on how strong you are as it is quite heavy, meaning you could take it to picnics and days out. It is extremely easy to use and easy to clean, does not need alot of charcoal and can even be used inside once it has stopped smoking!

 I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Zania S.

"Some tips on using this guy"

Okay as the previous review said, this is an absolutely awesome product. We wanted a proper built-in one someday, but I'd go so far as to say this one's better (read "easier to use").

However, I thought I'd add some of things we've learnt from using it a couple times now, so people don't make the same mistakes.

This assumes you're using wood, we haven't tried it with charcoal yet.
1. Add quite a lot of wood, at least a rugby ball sized amount (can't think of another way to put it).
2. You want this guy to be HOT, it's not like a braai, it can't be TOO hot. An ideal pizza should be cooked in 3 minutes.
3. Wait for the wood to stop smoking, if not, it will taint your topping with soot (the extent of this depends greatly on the type of wood obviously).
4. Close the hole at the top when you cook the pizzas, else the toppings won't cook properly.
5. For homemade dough, put the pizza on the stone. Check it every 10 seconds (not after a minute like the instructions say). As soon as it's firmish (not floppy), transfer it to the grid and cook it on there, that way the toppings cook before the base blackens.
6. Use flour on the the pizza making surface and the peel to ensure easy transfer, make sure the surface remains dry.
7. If you do mess up while transferring the pizza, fold it over and pretend you were making a calzone.
8. If you do have left over dough, consider making a test foccacia first to get an idea of how hot your oven is.

 I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Huda B.

"Best Pizza Ever !!!"

If you love Col'Cacchio kinda pizza then this oven is a must have. We tried the Gordon Ramsay pizza base recipe, topped with Mozzarella, roasted roma tomatoes and basil pesto.....and it was Amazing!!! If pizza could scream, it would scream good, rustic & super delicious . Get creative with your favourite toppings. You really cant go wrong with this.
Ps - the pizza really does cook in like 3 minutes!

 I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Maureen M.

"Serious oven for the Serious Pizza"

A beautifully constructed oven with wide appeal and possibilities. For a first time ever pizza maker it was worth every cent. Caution should be taken not to make too much fire or heat the pizza stone too hot - this will result in burnt pizza and will spoil the whole experience. Follow the instructions and don't be in a rush and it's great fun for family and friends.

 I would recommend this product to a friend.

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Paul C.

"Wish I had one!"

Just came back from a friend who has one and the pizzas were fantastic and quick to make many - really wish we had one!

 I would recommend this product to a friend.

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